Baseball Prospect Report: Double-A Texas League Hitters & Pitchers To Watch

Here is a list of players in the Double-A Texas League who are worth keeping an eye on. All players will be 24 or younger on 2012 opening day. These players have made strides during the 2011 season and may be in the mix for their respective big league clubs at some point during the 2012 season. Stats represent the cumulative totals across all levels for the 2011 season. Also view our:

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Texas League Hitters To Watch
Luis Jimenez Los Angeles Angels – .297, 37(2B), 1(3B), 16HR, 86RBI, 12SB

Darwin Perez Los Angeles Angels – .265, 15(2B), 6(3B), 2HR, 48RBI, 22SB

Matt Long Los Angeles Angels – .299, 29(2B), 11(3B), 16HR, 73RBI, 28SB

Chris Wallace Houston Astros – .277, 20(2B), 3(3B), 20HR, 78RBI

Kody Hinze Houston Astros – .314, 26(2B), 28HR, 92RBI

Jonathan Villar Houston Astros – .233, 21(2B), 6(3B), 13HR, 49RBI, 31SB

Brandon Wikoff Houston Astros – .310, 5(2B), 3HR, 24RBI

Adam Bailey Houston Astros – .288, 22(2B), 2(3B), 22HR, 87RBI

Matt Leeds Texas Rangers – .268, 10(2B), 4(3B), 3HR, 25RBI

Tommy Mendonca Texas Rangers – .283, 25(2B), 3(3B), 25HR, 87RBI

Engel Beltre Texas Rangers – .233, 14(2B), 5(3B), 1HR, 27RBI, 13SB

Ryan Ortiz Oakland Athletics – .298, 9(2B), 6HR, 35RBI

Grant Green Oakland Athletics – .295, 32(2B), 1(3B), 8HR, 59RBI

Stephen Parker Oakland Athletics – .282, 27(2B), 2(3B), 10HR, 73RBI

Jeremy Barfield Oakland Athletics – .257, 21(2B), 3(3B), 10HR, 65RBI

Shane Peterson Oakland Athletics – .274, 23(2B), 4(3B), 9HR, 59RBI, 13SB

Matt Sulentic Oakland Athletics – .280, 22(2B), 1(3B), 6HR, 44RBI, 21SB

Ben Theriot Kansas City Royals – .274, 6(2B), 1(3B), 4HR, 18RBI

Christian Colon Kansas City Royals – .256, 13(2B), 1(3B), 8HR, 57RBI, 16SB

Rey Navarro Kansas City Royals – .282, 24(2B), 7(3B), 9HR, 57RBI, 10SB

Wil Myers Kansas City Royals – .259, 21(2B), 1(3B), 6HR, 42RBI

Derrick Robinson Kansas City Royals – .252, 6(2B), 2(3B), 1HR, 20RBI, 48SB

Jason Hagerty San Diego Padres – .283, 30(2B), 3(3B), 8HR, 62RBI

Vincent Belnome San Diego Padres – .321, 18(2B), 1(3B), 14HR, 53RBI

Jedd Gyorko San Diego Padres – .331, 43(2B), 2(3B), 23HR, 103RBI, 12SB

Jaff Decker San Diego Padres – .231, 26(2B), 2(3B), 16HR, 81RBI, 15SB

Blake Tekotte San Diego Padres – .287, 25(2B), 2(3B), 18HR, 60RBI, 34SB

Audry Perez St Louis Cardinals – .269, 19(2B), 11HR, 47RBI

Matt Adams St Louis Cardinals – .313, 22(2B), 2(3B), 30HR, 94RBI

Zack Cox St Louis Cardinals – .321, 26(2B), 12HR, 64RBI

Jose Garcia St Louis Cardinals – .315, 17(2B), 4HR, 41RBI, 19SB

Ryan Jackson St Louis Cardinals – .279, 31(2B), 3(3B), 10HR, 69RBI

Wilin Rosario Colorado Rockies – .250, 13(2B), 3(3B), 19HR, 43RBI

Ben Paulsen Colorado Rockies – .248, 29(2B), 3(3B), 17HR, 70RBI

Tim Wheeler Colorado Rockies – .288, 27(2B), 6(3B), 30HR, 80RBI, 19SB

Texas League Pitchers To Watch
David Carpenter Los Angeles Angels – 1-1, 15SV, 0.60ERA, 44.2IP, 14BB, 49K, .211

Robert Fish Los Angeles Angels – 1-0, 2.28ERA, 27.2IP, 9BB, 40K, .189BAA

Steven Geltz Los Angeles Angels – 3-3, 3.80ERA, 42.2IP, 15BB, 61K, .208BAA

Chris Scholl Los Angeles Angels – 2-3, 2.24ERA, 72.1IP, 21BB, 62K, .187BAA

Paul Clemens Houston Astros – 8-5, 3.22ERA, 134.1IP, 55BB, 115K, .240BAA

Jarred Cosart Houston Astros – 9-9, 3.72ERA, 135.1IP, 51BB, 92K, .236ERA

Brett Oberholtzer Houston Astros – 10-11, 3.76ERA, 148.1IP, 49BB, 113K, .250BAA

Jacob Brigham Texas Rangers – 5-6, 4.76ERA, 104IP, 49BB, 102K, .247BAA

Justin Miller Texas Rangers – 9-1, 10SV, 1.93ERA, 22BB, 68K, .189BAA

Carlos Pimentel Texas Rangers – 6-9, 5.21ERA, 129.2IP, 77BB, 103K, .256BAA

Neil Ramirez Texas Rangers – 4-3, 3.30ERA, 87.1IP, 41BB, 109K, .224BAA

Robbie Ross Texas Rangers – 10-5, 2.36ERA, 148.2IP, 30BB, 121K, .226BAA

Johan Yan Texas Rangers – 5-3, 10SV, 1.17ERA, 21BB, 61K, .204BAA

Sonny Gray Oakland Athletics – 0-1, 1.08ERA, 8.1IP, 2BB, 8K, .242BAA

Brett Hunter Oakland Athletics – 4-2, 3.40ERA, 45IP, 21BB, 40K, .229BAA

Buddy Baumann Kansas City Royals – 4-3, 3.99ERA, 70IP, 28BB, 73K, .248BAA

Chris Dwyer Kansas City Royals – 7-10, 5.84ERA, 128IP, 74BB, 115K, .245BAA

Edgar Garcia Kansas City Royals – 1-2, 6SV, 2.52ERA, 39.1IP, 11BB, 38K, .207BAA

Jake Odorizzi Kansas City Royals – 9-6, 3.68ERA, 134.2IP, 40BB, 147K, .249BAA

Will Smith Kansas City Royals – 12-8, 4.18ERA, 146.1IP, 40BB, 93K, .288BAA

Simon Castro San Diego Padres – 7-8, 6.12ERA, 103IP, 32BB, 88K, .301BAA

Robbie Erlin San Diego Padres – 8-4, 3.19ERA, 138.1IP, 15BB, 141K, .220BAA

Pedro Hernandez San Diego Padres – 10-2, 3.37ERA, 106.2IP, 20BB, 84K, .265BAA

Casey Kelly San Diego Padres – 11-6, 4.22ERA, 134.1IP, 43BB, 99K, .288BAA

Miles Mikolas San Diego Padres – 4-0, 25SV, 1.25ERA, 64.2IP, 14BB, 64K, .209BAA

Juan Oramas San Diego Padres – 8-6, 3.68, 95.1IP, 28BB, 94K, .258BAA

Joe Wieland San Diego Padres – 12-3, 1.85ERA, 145.2IP, 16BB, 141K

Michael Blazek St Louis Cardinals – 11-6, 5.56ERA, 132.2IP, 67BB, 123K, .279BAA

Samuel Freeman St Louis Cardinals – 2-2, 3.43ERA, 60.1IP. 26BB, 52K, .241BAA

John Gast St Louis Cardinals – 9-6, 3.89ERA, 150.1IP, 56BB, 108K, .260BAA

Joe Kelly St Louis Cardinals – 9-6, 3.64ERA, 121IP, 56BB, 108K, .254BAA

Shelby Miller St Louis Cardinals – 9-6, 2.98ERA, 126.2IP, 50BB, 155K, .226BAA

Jordan Swagerty St Louis Cardinals – 5-3, 6SV, 1.70ERA, 90IP, 21BB, 86K. .206BAA

Christian Friedrich Colorado Rockies – 6-9, 4.68ERA, 125IP, 40BB, 98K, .281BAA

Joseph Gardner Colorado Rockies – 8-10, 4.82ERA, 115.2IP, 49BB, 76K, .289BAA

Drew Pomeranz Colorado Rockies – 4-3, 1.84ERA, 98IP, 38BB, 116K, .194BAA

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