Triple-A Pacific Coast League Prospects To Watch

As September call-ups approach, here is a list of players in the Triple-A Pacific Coast League who have yet to make their Major League Debut and are worth keeping an eye on. These players may make an impact in the majors before the season is over or could be in the conversation come 2012 spring training. Stats represent the cumulative totals across all levels for the 2011 season.

Pacific Coast League Hitters To Watch
Tim Federowicz Los Angeles Dodgers – .278, 22(2B), 11HR, 60RBI

Jordan Pacheco Colorado Rockies – .273, 17(2B), 3(3B), 3HR, 41RBI

Brett Pill San Francisco Giants – .317, 35(2B), 3(3B), 23HR, 98RBI

Ryan Flaherty Chicago Cubs – .284, 29(2B), 2(3B), 16HR, 77RBI

Marwin Gonzalez Chicago Cubs – .296, 26(2B), 2(3B), 4HR, 31RBI

Brett Jackson Chicago Cubs – .274, 17(2B), 4(3B), 18HR, 49RBI, 19SB

Adeiny Hechavarria Toronto Blue Jays – .237, 23(2B), 6(3B), 6HR, 46RBI, 19SB

Adam Loewen Toronto Blue Jays – .315, 42(2B), 3(3B), 16HR, 77RBI (Pitched in MLB With Orioles)

Adron Chambers St Louis Cardinals – .273, 14(2B), 2(3B), 9HR, 38RBI, 17SB

Taylor Green Milwaukee Brewers -.334, 32(2B), 21HR, 82RBI

Caleb Gindl Milwaukee Brewers – .298, 18(2B), 4(3B), 14HR, 47RBI

Logan Schafer Milwaukee Brewers – .328, 17(2B), 5(3B), 3HR, 38RBI

Matt Dominguez Florida Marlins – .248, 16(2B), 11HR, 56RBI

Jacob Goebbert Houston Astros – .296, 22(2B), 4(3B), 11HR, 58RBI

Clint Robinson Kansas City Royals – .315, 29(2B), 19HR, 77RBI

David Lough Kansas City Royals – .310, 25(2B), 10(3B), 8HR, 58RBI

Leonys Martin Texas Rangers – .304, 13(2B), 4(3B), 4HR, 38RBI

Adrian Cardenas Oakland Athletics – .298, 22(2B), 4(3B), 4HR, 38RBI

Michael Taylor Oakland Athletics – .292, 14(2B), 13HR, 49RBI, 10SB

Jeremy Moore Los Angeles Angels – .297, 19(2B), 15(3B), 12HR, 52RBI, 14SB

Alex Liddi Seattle Mariners – .263, 29(2B), 3(3B), 26HR, 91RBI

Carlos Triunfel Seattle Mariners – .274, 22(2B), 2(3B), 6HR, 35RBI

Pacific Coast League Pitchers To Watch
Nick Struck Chicago Cubs – 9-6, 3.64ERA, 123.2IP, 37BB, 97K

Michael Fiers Milwaukee Brewers – 10-3, 5SV, 2.23ERA, 93IP, 29BB, 98K

Daniel Meadows Milwaukee Brewers – 6-3, 2.12ERA, 68IP, 14BB, 68K

Wily Peralta Milwaukee Brewers – 10-7, 3.51ERA, 125.2IP, 49BB, 125K

Jose Rosario Florida Marlins – 3-1, 2.75ERA, 59IP, 17BB, 60K

Kelvin Herrera Kansas City Royals – 6-1, 10SV, 1.26ERA, 57IP, 11BB, 60K

Mike Montgomery Kansas City Royals – 5-7, 5.31ERA, 125.1IP, 64BB, 104K

Wade Miley Arizona Diamondbacks – 7-3, 4.55ERA, 120.2IP, 43BB, 93K

Mark Hamburger Texas Rangers – 6-4, 4SV, 3.73ERA, 70IP, 23BB, 61K

Martin Perez Texas Rangers – 7-4, 3.71ERA, 119IP, 49BB, 105K

Tanner Scheppers Texas Rangers – 2-1, 3.60ERA, 30IP, 10BB, 30K

Andrew Carignan Oakland Athletics – 1-0, 8SV, 2.51ERA, 28.2IP, 11BB, 35K

Carlos Hernandez Oakland Athletics – 10-6, 4.99ERA, 122.2IP, 32BB, 96K

Erasmo Ramirez Seattle Mariners – 9-6, 4.75ERA, 121.1IP, 23BB, 85K

Brad Brach San Diego Padres – 3-5, 29SV, 3.08ERA, 61.1IP, 11BB, 82K

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