Baseball Prospect Report: Double-A Eastern League Hitters & Pitchers To Watch

Here is a list of players in the Double-A Eastern League who are worth keeping an eye on. All players will be 24 or younger on 2012 opening day. These players have made strides during the 2011 season and may be in the mix for their respective big league clubs at some point during the 2012 season. Stats represent the cumulative totals across all levels for the 2011 season.

Eastern League Hitters To Watch:
Aaron Baker Baltimore Orioles – .287, 26(2B), 3(3B), 17HR, 84RBI

Greg Miclat Baltimore Orioles – .275, 14(2B), 3(3B), 2HR, 23RBI, 49SB

Xavier Avery Baltimore Orioles – .269, 27(2B), 2(3B), 4HR, 26RBI, 35SB

L J Hoes Baltimore Orioles – .283, 20(2B), 1(3B), 9HR, 63RBI, 19SB

Chun Chen Cleveland Indians – .265, 22(2B), 3(3B), 14HR, 62RBI

Juan Diaz Cleveland Indians – .255, 22(2B), 3(3B), 8HR, 54RBI

Tony Sanchez Pittsburgh Pirates – .237, 12(2B), 1(3B), 4HR, 41RBI

Matt Curry Pittsburgh Pirates – .290, 31(2B), 5(3B), 14HR, 70RBI

Brock Holt Pittsburgh Pirates – .290, 28(2B), 8(3B), 1HR, 36RBI, 18SB

Quincy Latimore Pittsburgh Pirates – .232, 28(2B), 1(3B), 13HR, 51RBI

Starling Marte Pittsburgh Pirates – .328, 33(2B), 7(3B), 11HR, 47RBI, 21SB

Allan Dykstra New York Mets – .258, 19(2B), 17HR, 67RBI

Matt Den Dekker New York Mets – .273, 31(2B), 11(3B), 14HR, 61RBI, 22SB

Juan Lagares New York Mets – .350, 21(2B), 9(3B), 9HR, 65RBI, 10SB

Bryan Holaday Detroit Tigers – .245, 17(2B), 4HR, 35RBI

Gustavo Nunez Detroit Tigers – .276, 13(2B), 7(3B), 5HR, 26RBI, 18SB

Jamie Johnson Detroit Tigers – .280, 28(2B), 5(3B), 4HR, 47RBI, 13SB

Derek Norris Washington Nationals – .207, 14(2B), 1(3B), 18HR, 43RBI, 10SB

Bryce Harper Washington Nationals – .297, 24(2B), 2(3B), 17HR, 58RBI, 26SB

Erik Komatsu Washington Nationals – .283, 22(2B), 1(3B), 7HR, 45RBI, 20SB

Tyler Moore Washington Nationals – .263, 29(2B), 4(3B), 27HR, 79RBI (Will be 25 on opening day)

Brian Dozier Minnesota Twins – .321, 28(2B), 11(3B), 7HR, 47RBI, 24SB

Chris Parmelee Minnesota Twins – .293, 27(2B), 5(3B), 13HR, 72RBI

Joe Benson Minnesota Twins – .283, 27(2B), 3(3B), 13HR, 55RBI, 14SB

Yangervis Solarte Minnesota Twins – .320, 30(2B), 3(3B), 4HR, 39RBI

Travis d’Arnaud Toronto Blue Jays – .321, 31(2B), 1(3B), 18HR, 65RBI

Mike McDade Toronto Blue Jays – .286, 37(2B), 15HR, 71RBI

Anthony Gose Toronto Blue Jays – .251, 17(2B), 6(3B), 13HR, 50RBI, 57SB

Moises Sierra Toronto Blue Jays – .273, 17(2B), 2(3B), 17HR, 58RBI, 13SB

Oscar Tejada Boston Red Sox – .251, 22(2B), 1(3B), 4HR, 39RBI, 13SB

Alex Hassan Boston Red Sox – .302, 32(2B), 1(3B), 11HR, 59RBI

Jeremy Hazelbaker Boston Red Sox – .260, 24(2B), 2(3B), 12HR, 43RBI

Carlos Rivero Philadelphia Phillies – .282, 35(2B), 1(3B), 15HR, 65RBI

Charlie Culberson San Francisco Giants – .258, 28(2B), 2(3B), 9HR, 47RBI, 13SB

Francisco Peguero San Francisco Giants – .306, 10(2B), 6(3B), 5HR, 38RBI, 11SB

Austin Romine New York Yankees – .285, 13(2B), 5HR, 44RBI

Corban Joseph New York Yankees – .267, 32(2B), 8(3B), 4HR, 48RBI

Robert Lyerly New York Yankees – .285, 28(2B), 6(3B), 8HR, 75RBI

Jose Pirela New York Yankees – .237, 20(2B), 3(3B), 7HR, 41RBI

Zolio Almonte New York Yankees – .282, 21(2B), 3(3B), 15HR, 75RBI, 17SB

Eastern League Pitchers To Watch:
Bobby Bundy Baltimore Orioles – 12-7, 3.30ERA, 131IP, 37BB, 108K, .244BAA

Brett Brach Cleveland Indians – 8-9, 3.58ERA, 130.2IP, 42BB, 79K, .232BAA

Rob Bryson Cleveland Indians – 0-1, 1.55ERA, 29IP, 11BB, 38K, .184BAA

Cory Burns Cleveland Indians – 2-4, 31SV, 2.34ERA, 50IP, 11BB, 57K, .217BAA

Kelvin De La Cruz Cleveland Indians 5-6, 4.56ERA, 79IP, 53BB, 84K, .236BAA

T.J. McFarland Cleveland Indians – 9-8, 3.72ERA, 130.2IP, 43BB, 102K, .256BAA

Kyle McPherson Pittsburgh Pirates – 11-5, 3.02ERA, 146IP, 24BB, 131K, .229BAA

Jeurys Familia New York Mets – 5-4, 2.81ERA, 109IP, 37BB, 120K, .217BAA

Matt Harvey New York Mets – 11-5, 3.36ERA, 120.2IP, 37BB, 146K, .254BAA

Collin McHugh New York Mets – 7-4, 4.26ERA, 114IP, 43BB, 120K, .263BAA

Casey Crosby Detroit Tigers – 8-5, 3.57ERA, 118.1IP, 70BB, 104K, .242BAA

Drew Smyly Detroit Tigers – 10-4, 2.29ERA, 102.1IP, 33BB, 103K, .235BAA

Jay Voss Detroit Tigers – 11-6, 3.43ERA, 126IP, 39BB, 107K, .237BAA

Daniel Rosenbaum Washington Nationals – 8-5, 2.44ERA, 151.1IP, 48BB, 121K, .230BAA

Logan Darnell Minnesota Twins – 11-5, 4.13ERA, 133IP, 34BB, 80K, .262BAA

Tyler Robertson Minnesota Twins – 8-3, 14SV, 3.97ERA, 79.1IP, 24BB, 76K, .261BAA

Drew Hutchison Toronto Blue Jays – 11-5, 2.68ERA, 134.1IP, 33BB, 150K, .223BAA

Chad Jenkins Toronto Blue Jays – 9-10, 3.62ERA, 149IP, 40BB, 97K, .260BAA

Deck McGuire Toronto Blue Jays – 9-5, 3.06ERA, 123.1IP, 45BB, 121K, .233BAA

Nestor Molina Toronto Blue Jays – 11-3, 2.41ERA, 119IP, 15BB, 132K, .241BAA

Chris Balcom Miller Boston Red Sox – 6-7, 4.34ERA, 110IP, 42BB, 105K, .284BAA

Cesar Cabral Boston Red Sox – 3-4, 9SV, 3.00ERA, 54IP, 21BB, 69K, .268BAA

Michael Cisco Philadelphia Phillies – 7-0, 3SV, 1.76ERA, 51IP, 21BB, 43K, .197BAA

Tyler Cloyd Philadlephia Phillies – 7-4, 3.02ERA, 125.1IP, 20BB, 116K, .234BAA

J C Ramirez Philadelphia Phillies – 8-13, 4.82ERA, 127IP, 46BB, 76K, .263BAA

Hector Correa San Francisco Giants – 5-2, 3SV, 2.67ERA, 70IP, 22BB, 68K, .180BAA

Heath Hembree San Francisco Giants – 1-1, 35SV, 2.12ERA, 46.2IP, 19BB, 72K, .189BAA

Eric Surkamp San Francisco Giants – 9-4, 2.14ERA, 134.1IP, 41BB, 161K, .220BAA

Graham Stoneburner New York Yankees – 1-3, 3.60ERA, 75IP, 23BB, 50K, .266BAA

Chase Whitley New York Yankees – 3-4, 7SV, 2.13ERA, 84.1IP, 27BB, 71K, .254BAA

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