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Dirk Hayhurst The Garfoose Auctions Off His Game Used Items To Raise Money For Autism Speaks

Former Tampa Bay Rays farmhand and best selling author Dirk Hayhurst “The Garfoose” is auctioning off a portion of his game used memorabilia collection on Ebay to benefit Autism Speaks and other charities. Hayhurst who was recently released by the Rays is the author of The Bullpen Gospels: Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran and runs an outstanding Blog. You can bid on the benefit items via the links below.

Dirk Hayhurst “Mr Garfoose” Game Used Glove and Ball

Dirk Hayhurst “Mr Garfoose” Road Traveled Star Wars Lunchbox

Dirk Hayhurst Signed And Sketched “The Garfoose” Baseball and Cards

Dirk Hayhurst Game Worn Tampa Bay Rays Windbreaker

Dirk Hayhurst “Mr Garfoose” 4th Of July Game Worn Hat

Dirk Hayhurst Game Worn Phiten Necklace & Wrist Band

Some Of The Coolest 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Cards To Surface

The Topps Allen & Ginter baseball card product always produces some pretty awesome cards. Here are some of the cooler ones that have surfaced thus far.

NEW: Carnival Cuts Flea Circus Relic /10
NEW: Dirk Hayhurst The Garfoose Not Brave Or Bold Inscription
Simpson Bunker Horse Hair DNA Relic
Albert Pujols & Matt Holliday Patch & Bat Barrel Book 1/1
Cliff Lee Box Loader Autograph Redemption
Chipper Jones Wood Mini 1/1
Danielle Brown Employee Autograph /10
Diana Taurasi Letter Relic
Millard Fillmore Cut Signature Autograph 1/1
Joe Mauer Box Topper Relic
Dirk Hayhurst The Garfoose Autograph Inscribed “And is known to breath fire”
Jefferson Davis DNA Hair Relic 1/1
Royal Wedding Wood Mini 1/1
Josh Hamilton & Joey Votto Bat Knob & Letter Patch Book 1/1
Mat Hoffman Red Autograph /10
Ichiro Game Used Jersey Box Topper /25
William Howard Taft Presidential Cuts Autograph 1/1

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