Some Of The Coolest 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Cards To Surface

The Topps Allen & Ginter baseball card product always produces some pretty awesome cards. Here are some of the cooler ones that have surfaced thus far.

NEW: Carnival Cuts Flea Circus Relic /10

NEW: Dirk Hayhurst The Garfoose Not Brave Or Bold Inscription

Simpson Bunker Horse Hair DNA Relic

Albert Pujols & Matt Holliday Patch & Bat Barrel Book 1/1

Cliff Lee Box Loader Autograph Redemption

Chipper Jones Wood Mini 1/1

Danielle Brown Employee Autograph /10

Diana Taurasi Letter Relic

Millard Fillmore Cut Signature Autograph 1/1

Joe Mauer Box Topper Relic

Dirk Hayhurst The Garfoose Autograph Inscribed “And is known to breath fire”

Jefferson Davis DNA Hair Relic 1/1

Royal Wedding Wood Mini 1/1

Josh Hamilton & Joey Votto Bat Knob & Letter Patch Book 1/1

Mat Hoffman Red Autograph /10

Ichiro Game Used Jersey Box Topper /25

William Howard Taft Presidential Cuts Autograph 1/1

Geno Auriemma Mini Wood 1/1

Jeremy Fullerton Topps Employee Autograph /10

Dirk Hayhurst The Garfoose Autograph With “You Got Spidermanned” Inscription

Dirk Hayhurst The Garfoose Autograph With “Buy My Book” Inscription

Hanley Ramirez & David Wright Bat Barrel & Patch Book 1/1

Matthew Bleiber Employee Autograph /10

Mickey Mantle Framed Press Plate 1/1

George Bush Red Autograph With #43 (43rd President) Inscription /10

Chase Utley Red Autograph /10

Joey Votto & Jay Bruce Jersey Letter & Bat Barrel Book 1/1

Albert Pujols & Miguel Cabrera Bat Knob & Letter Patch Book 1/1

Derek Jeter Box Topper Jersey /25

Josh Hamilton Jersey Number Cabinet Relic 1/1

Lisa Ligi Employee Autograph /10

Brian Wilson Wood Mini 1/1

Roy Halladay Phillies Logo Cabinet Relic 1/1

Carl Crawford Mini Original Sketch 1/1

Alex Rodriguez Rip Card /10

Wee Man Red Auto /10

Lou Holtz Red Autograph /10

Chase Utley Full Jersey Nameplate Box Topper 1/1

Derek Jeter Wood Mini 1/1

Ichiro Framed Printing Plate 1/1

Jack LaLanne Film Cell Relic

John F Kennedy JFK DNA Hair Relic 1/1

George Washington DNA Hair Relic

Aroldis Chapman Red Autograph /10

Martin Van Buren Presidential Cuts Autograph 1/1

Terrorbilia Mummy Relic /10

Josh Hamilton Ripped Mini Original Sketch Card 1/1

Nelson Cruz & Matt Kemp Letter Patch & Bat Knob Book 1/1

Tim Howard Red Autogaph /10

Manny Pacquiao Red Autograph /10

Roy Halladay & Cliff Lee Letter Patch Book 1/1

Carnival Cuts Flea Circus Relic /10

The Garfoose “Keith Olbermann’s Name Is Too Long” Inscription Autograph

Ichiro Rip Card /10

Diana Taurasi Multicolored Patch Relic

Josh Hamilton Red Autograph /10

Josh Hamilton Box Topper Autograph /15

Dick Vitale Red Autograph /10

Stan Lee Red Autograph /10

Albert Pujols Jersey Number Autograph 1/1

Peter Gammons 3 Color Relic

Chase Utley Relic Autograph Box Topper 1/5

Adrian Gonzalez Box Topper Autograph /15

George W. Bush Red Autograph /10

Roy Halladay Red Autograph /10

The Garfoose Red Autograph /10

New England Region Fenway Park Green Monster Relic /50

New York Region Statue Of Liberty Relic /50

Peter Gammons Red Autograph /10

Stan Lee Spiderman Patch

Andrew McCutchen & Pedro Alvarez Bat Barrell & Patch Book 1/1

Teddy Roosevelt Cut Signature 1/1

Victor Martinez & Carlos Santana Bat Knob & Jersey Letter Patch Book 1/1

Al Gore & Keith Olbermann Dual On Card Autograph

Werewolf Relic /10

Boogey Man Relic /10

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