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VIDEO: Home Plate Umpire Destroys Fan On The Field During Baltimore Orioles Game

This will go down as a Fan on the Field Hall of Famer. A fan got loose on the field during the Baltimore Orioles game against the Oakland Athletics tonight. After running around the field, the guy decides to slide into home. After that the home plate umpire Jeff Kellogg destroys the guy with a takedown. Enjoy!!

A second look:

VIDEO: Nearly Naked Man Runs A Muck On Field At Rogers Center During Red Sox vs Blue Jays Game

It’s just six games into the Major League Baseball season, and we have our second fan on the field video. A couple of days ago we showed you a guy dressed as Batman running loose at Camden Yards. Today we stay in the AL East where this fan decided it would be wise to drop trow and run around nearly naked at Rogers Field in Toronto during Tuesday night’s Red Sox vs Blue Jays game. He evades security for a good minute before getting taken down hard. Enjoy.

VIDEO: Fenway Park Security Staff Give Runaway Fan A Taste Of Warning Track Dirt

2011 has provided a number of outstanding takedowns of fans running on major league fields. The security staff at Fenway Park scored another victory for the good guys, with a hard tackle of this fan on the warning track dirt near the Red Sox bullpen during a September 3rd game against the Texas Rangers. Among the highlights of the video is watching the Rangers bullpen all jump up to get a closer look at the action.

VIDEO: Long Island Ducks Fan Runs Onto Field; Slides Into Second Base; Leaves Field Before Security Does Anything

The Atlantic League has arguably the highest quality of on field product of any independent league in the country with many former major leaguers suiting up across the league. Apparently that does not trickle down to the security staffs, especially in Long Island where this fan was able to hop onto the field during a recent Long Island Ducks game, slide into second, and then leave the field without any security in site. Finally towards the end of the clip you can see a couple of event staffers jogging into the right field corner where the fan left the field.

VIDEO: Tampa Bay Rays Security Destroys Fan Who Gets Loose On Tropicana Field

Note to drunk baseball fans, the security staff at Tropicana Field don’t mess around. A couple weeks ago we posted this video of a Tampa Bay Rays security staffer ripping a fan off the outfield wall. Today we give you this video where a Boston Red Sox fan got loose on the field during the Rays game against the Red Sox at Tropicana Field back in July. The dude gets DESTROYED. The WWE should come calling.

Tampa Bay Rays Fan Runs On The Field, Tries To Scale Wall & Gets Taken Down Hard At Tropicana Field

This is one of the more entertaining fan on the field videos. Some dude got loose on the field during the Tampa Bay Rays vs Kansas City Royals game Wednesday night at Tropicana Field. The fan outruns security and tries to leap over the outfield wall but gets stuck half way over and gets taken down hard by a pair of security guards, one of which who has quite the vertical.

Fan Runs Onto The Field During Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers Game Saturday & Gets Led Off In Handcuffs

Another fan ran onto the field and was arrested, this time at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City during Saturday night’s Royals vs Tigers game. The fan is loose for about 30 seconds and jumps up and down in the outfield before surrendering peacefully and being led off in cuffs. This video is unique in that it is taken by someone with first row dugout seats so you get to see the guy led into the dugout and down the stairs into the underbelly of the stadium. This guy is the latest in a series of fans to run onto Major League Baseball fields in the past couple of weeks including a pair at Busch Stadium and a guy at Citi Field.

UPDATE: This is video that starts sooner than the original video below. It’s amazing how long it takes Royals security to get to this guy. He’s on the field running around for nearly a full minute before finally giving up. The second video picks up at about the 50 second point of the first video.

VIDEO Pair Of Fans Run On The Field And Evade Busch Stadium Security At Sunday’s St Louis Cardinals Game

A pair of fans ran onto the field during Sunday’s Cardinals vs Cubs game at Busch Stadium. The pair evaded security for a good while with one of the two actually leaping back into the stands on the opposite side of the field from which he entered. This video features the fan who leaps back into the stands. Warning: Some profanity.

UPDATED: Highest quality video yet, includes the arrest of the guy and a reverse angle of the girl jumping into the stands.

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