Fan Runs Onto The Field During Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers Game Saturday & Gets Led Off In Handcuffs

Another fan ran onto the field and was arrested, this time at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City during Saturday night’s Royals vs Tigers game. The fan is loose for about 30 seconds and jumps up and down in the outfield before surrendering peacefully and being led off in cuffs. This video is unique in that it is taken by someone with first row dugout seats so you get to see the guy led into the dugout and down the stairs into the underbelly of the stadium. This guy is the latest in a series of fans to run onto Major League Baseball fields in the past couple of weeks including a pair at Busch Stadium and a guy at Citi Field.

UPDATE: This is video that starts sooner than the original video below. It’s amazing how long it takes Royals security to get to this guy. He’s on the field running around for nearly a full minute before finally giving up. The second video picks up at about the 50 second point of the first video.

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