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VIDEO: 84 Year Old Man Still Able To Hit The Baseball Pretty Well

Saw this while skimming on YouTube. According to the title of the video, this gentleman is 84 years old and as you can see still has a passion for the game and can actually hit the ball pretty darn well (i.e. better than me). He’s definitely got to be among the top 1% of 80+ year old hitters out there one would think.

VIDEO: Texas Rangers Baseball Helps Young Fan Lose A Baby Tooth

You’ve got to love this one. This young man is a Texas Rangers fan, so his parents came up with the greatest way ever to yank out a baby tooth. Throwing a baseball with a string tied to his tooth, to his dad while the Rangers are playing in the World Series in the background. My folks were never this creative with my teeth. Big props to this little guy’s parents for their creativity.

VIDEO: Japanese Baseball Fans Release Thousands Of Balloons During Seventh Inning Stretch

It is apparently tradition at many Japanese baseball games to release balloons during the seventh inning. During today’s near sell out between the Hanshin Tigers vs Tokyo Giants, the crowd did just that. It’s a pretty awesome visual as tens of thousands of balloons shoot through the sky at the same time.

VIDEO: Police Show Up To Amateur Baseball Game After Umpire Throws Out A Coach

Not sure what this is from other than that by the title of the video it appears to be at a tournament in Boulder Colorado. At the start of the video the first base umpire throws out a coach and then gets in his face and screams at him. Later three cops show up and have a one sided talk with the umpire before finally departing without further incident. The whole thing is pretty bizarre. I guess the coach wasn’t too happy about getting run and getting screamed at, and rather than throw a punch he called the cops instead.

VIDEO: Jaiden Delgado Is The Best 3 Year Old Baseball Player You Will See Today

Check this kid out. Three year old Jaiden Delgado takes some hacks off a tee while his proud father records. Seeing as I probably couldn’t do what Jaiden is doing when I was like 10, I’ve got to give the kid props. Pretty impressive for a little guy. He gets some solid line drive contact swinging a bat that is about as big as he is. Then in the second clip Jaiden moves on to fielding where he fields rapid fire ground balls. If his New York Yankees shirt is any indication, you can expect to see him in the Bronx around the year 2030 🙂