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VIDEO: Japanese Baseball Fans Release Thousands Of Balloons During Seventh Inning Stretch

It is apparently tradition at many Japanese baseball games to release balloons during the seventh inning. During today’s near sell out between the Hanshin Tigers vs Tokyo Giants, the crowd did just that. It’s a pretty awesome visual as tens of thousands of balloons shoot through the sky at the same time.

VIDEO: Japanese Photographers Take The National High School Baseball Championship Very Seriously

It is apparently tradition for the losing team of the Japanese National High School Baseball Championship Game to take bags of dirt from the field at Koshien Stadium home with them. It’s an understandably emotional moment for many of them as they have just had their championship dreams dashed. The poignant moment is captured by a throng of photographers who get up close and personal with the players to capture their grief on film. It’s an interesting video to watch as the volume of photographers and the positioning they get to capture the pictures is pretty amazing.