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Some Of The Coolest Pete Rose Leaf Autograph Inscriptions To Surface

The Leaf Trading Card Company released their Pete Rose Legacy product in which the all time hit king added a number of awesome inscriptions to the autograph cards in the product. Here are some of the coolest inscriptions and other cards to surface. We will continue to update the list as new inscriptions surface.

“Sparky Anderson Best Ever” The Machine Autograph 1/1

“30 Year Old Body 15 Year Old Brain = Ballplayer” Rose-Isms Autograph /10

“See The Ball Hit The Ball” Rose-Isms Printing Plate Autograph 1/1

“Tony Perez Mr RBI” The Machine Autograph /5

“Joe Morgan Most Intelligent” The Machine Autograph /5

“17x All Star” Career Highlights Autograph /5

“Silver Slugger” Career Highlights Autograph /5

“I Was Born On The Day Lincoln Was Shot And The Titanic Sank” Rose-Isms Autograph /10

“With The Money I’m Making I Should Be Playing 2 Positions” Rose-Isms Autograph /5

“If Money Bought Happiness I’d Buy More Hits” Rose-Isms Printing Plate Autograph 1/1

“All Century Team” Career Highlights Autograph /10

“Lou Gehrig Award” Career Highlights Autograph /10

“3x WS Champ” Career Highlights Autograph /5

3x Batting Champ” Career Highlights Autograph /5

“George Foster The Quite Man” Legacy The Machine Autograph 1/1 — Misspelled word error: Foster was known as the “quiet” man, not the “quite” man

“WWE Wrestling H O F” Outside The Lines Autograph /5

“Never Bet On Baseball” Rose-Isms Autograph /10

“I’d Walk Through Hell In A Gasoline Suit To Play BB” Rose-Isms Autograph /5

“Am I Still In Uniform? Then I Ain’t Retired” Rose-Isms Autograph 1/1

“My Father Was My Greatest Influance” Outside The Lines Autograph /5

“Playing Baseball For A Living Is Like Having A Licence To Steal” Rose-Isms Autograph /5

“Dad Taught Me To Practice & Practice More” Rose-Isms Autograph /10

“Pete The Hit King Rose” Nicknames Autograph /10

“It’s A Round Ball And A Round Bat And You’ve Got To Hit It Square” Rose-Isms Autograph

“1975 WS MVP” Career Highlights Autograph 1/1

“Winning 2/3’s Of The Games Usually Wins The Pennant” Rose-Isms Autograph

“2x Gold Glove” Career Highlights Autograph /10

“1973 NL MVP” Career Highlights Autograph /10

Weekly Baseball Card Market Report: Top 10 Highest Priced Vintage Cards On The Market

Each week we will take a look at the Top 10 Highest priced active items on Ebay’s auction format from the vintage baseball card era.

#1 Mickey Mantle 1951 Bowman Graded PSA 4

#2 Mickey Mantle 1953 Topps Graded PSA 6.5
— Ends In 2 Days

#3 Smoky Burgess 1952 Topps Graded PSA 8
— Ends In 2 Days

#4 Ty Cobb 1909-11 T-206 Piedmont Bat On Shoulder Graded SGC 50

#5 Babe Ruth 1933 Goudey Graded PSA 3
— Ends In 4 Days

#6 Babe Ruth 1926 W512 Graded SGC 84
— Ends In 2 Days

#7 Pete Rose 1966 Topps Graded PSA 9

#8 Roy Campanella 1949 Bowman Graded GAI 9
— Ends In 2 Days

#9 Willie Mays 1951 Bowman Graded SGC 6
— Ends In 6 Days

#10 Roberto Clemente 1955 Topps Graded PSA 6

VIDEO: Pete Rose Great Hitter; Poor Speller

This Pete Rose fan swung by The Art Of Music in Las Vegas and had the Cincinnati Reds Hall Of Famer sign a baseball for him. The young man asked Pete to sign the ball “Pay It Forward” as the fan is part of the random acts of kindness movement. Pete happily obliges but makes a small error in spelling the word “Forward” as you will see at the end of the clip. For the record the word “Forward” is listed as “basic” on this 6th grade spelling list. The autograph signing made a great memory for this fan, produced a nice conversation piece for his home or office, and provided the YouTube watching public with a humorous clip. Enjoy. Oh and for the record Pete, don’t feel bad, there’s a good chance I would have misspelled it too 🙂

Weekly Baseball Card Market Report: Top 10 Highest Priced Vintage Cards On The Market

Each week we will take a look at the Top 10 Highest priced active items on Ebay’s auction format from the vintage baseball card era.

#1 Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps Graded PSA8

#2 Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps Graded PSA7
— Ends In 1 DAY

#3 Ty Cobb 1910-11 T3 Turkey Red Checklist Back Graded SGC4
— Ends In 3 Days

#4 Hank Aaron 1954 Topps Graded SGC8.5
— Ends In 4 Days

#5 Shoeless Joe Jackson 1909-11 American Caramel E90-1 Graded SGC30
— Ends In 8 Days

#6 Ty Cobb 1915 Cracker Jack Graded PSA2
— Ends In 3 Days

#7 Pete Rose 1971 Topps Graded PSA9
— Ends In 4 Days

#8 Pee Wee Reese 1952 Topps Graded PSA8

#9 Mickey Mantle 1960 Topps Graded PSA9
— Ends In 4 Days

#10 Mickey Mantle 1953 Bowman Color Graded PSA8.5
— Ends In 4 Days

Fan That Had Bryce Harper Sign His Mickey Mantle Ball Chucks Ball Into Woods After Being Denied By Pete Rose

Remember Brian, the fan who had Bryce Harper sign his grandfather’s Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball? Well he’s back. This time documenting his trip to Cooperstown New York for the Major League Baseball 2011 Hall Of Fame Induction. He catches up with Pete Rose at a local restaurant and asks for his autograph on a previously unsigned baseball upon Rose’s departure. Rose does not sign, and Brian responds by throwing the ball into the woods over oncoming traffic.