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VIDEO: Mycal Jones & Keenan Wiley Have Scary Head To Head Outfield Collision During Mississippi Braves Game

This clip is about as scary as it gets. Mississippi Braves centerfielder Mycal Jones and right fielder Keenan Wiley each dive for a Marc Krauss line drive and crack heads at full extension. Krauss got a 3 run inside the park home run on the play. Jones, who is one of the most active minor league baseball players on twitter @MykeJones2 tweeted that he should be back in the lineup on April 11th after passing all his tests. Wiley is also ok. Pretty amazing that both guys came out of this just a little cut up but otherwise ok.

If your not squeemish, take a look at the picture of the cut above his eye and the stitched up cut that Mycal Jones posted to his twitter account following the collision.