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Video Of The Milwaukee Brewers Horse Head Fan Being Ejected From Miller Park

A few days ago, I read this story on Deadspin about a Milwaukee Brewers fan who was ejected from Miller Park during the Brewers recent game with the Pittsburgh Pirates for refusing to remove his Horse Head mask. According to the Deadspin account the man showed up for a couple of innings, drank beer through the mask, and then was removed from the stadium in the seventh after refusing to remove the mask. Here is video of the Horse man’s ejection. Warning: Video contains profanity.

New York Mets Fan Makes Citi Field Security Look Foolish During Cat & Mouse Game On The Field

This pretty entertaining. A fan gets out onto the field during a St Louis Cardinals vs New York Mets game at Citi Field last week and makes the four security guys chasing him look absolutely foolish as they are unable to tackle him for a good 40 seconds. When they do finally catch him, they take him down hard. The video also shows just how far away the nose bleed seats truly are from the field. Warning: Mild profanity at the end of the clip.