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Veteran Minor Leaguer Shawn Bowman Facing Critical Stage In His Career

Opportunity is everything in baseball and it seems once a player reaches a certain age, that window of opportunity begins to close. For veteran minor leaguers, every season that passes without a call up often leads to an off season crossroads and forces a decision as to how long they will continue to pursue their big league dreams. 26 year old Shawn Bowman is nearing that crossroads. The former 12th round pick of the New York Mets in 2002, just completed his 9th season of professional baseball and has played in three organizations, most recently the Atlanta Braves, where he batted a combined .259 across 3 levels including his first taste of Triple-A baseball. In the story link below, Bowman talks about his desire to continue to chase his major league dream, having the support of his family while he tries to support his family, and seeing friends and teammates get the promotion to the majors that he also desires. It’s a very good read.

Canadian prospect Bowman at baseball crossroads — Montreal Gazette

Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden Uses His Pro Baseball Experience To Help Him Succeed On The Gridiron

2002 New York Yankees second round pick Brandon Weeden is better known as Oklahoma State Quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate Brandon Weeden these days. The 28 year old Cowboys quarterback got his start in baseball playing five years in the Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Kansas City Royals systems until giving up baseball in 2006. In the story Weeden talks about how his struggles in professional baseball, he was a career 19-26 with a 5.03ERA in five minor league seasons, have helped him become the football player he is today.

This time, Weeden doesn’t give himself reason to lose temper
— CBSSports.com