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Kellen Raab

Pitcher -- Arizona Diamondbacks

Kellen Raab is a 23 year old pitcher in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. In 2004, Kellen's first season of professional baseball, he posted a 3-3 record with a 4.38 ERA while striking out 56 batters in 62 innings for the Yakima Bears of the Northwest League.

Journal Entry 3-17-2005

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Things are finally starting to pick up around here and games start to commense this week.

For the past week we have been getting ourselves ready with bullpens and fielding work, so we would be ready for the spring games and the long season ahead of us.

Big league camp started to break up some this week dropping down some of the players from the 40 man and non roster invitees. Some of the more notable players were Casey Daigle, husband to Jennie Finch, Corey Myers 1999 1st pick, and Josh Kroeger one of our top prospects.

I expect to start seeing more and more every week as the big league club narrows down the field. This also means doing some moving around for the minor league players, changing from one team to another or getting the red slip and plane ticket home.

We had our first games on Tuesday, all intrasquad games. Tucson played Tennessee, and South Bend played Lancaster. In these games we really dont keep score, but we keep stats, and velocity charts to track the progress of all of our pitchers.

I will be pitching Thursday in our first game of outside competition against the Colorado Rockies High A team, the Modesto Nuts. I really cant wait to finally see some live hitters up there and get in a game situation.

As of now I am being used as a reliever for Lancaster, and will work in 1-2 innings depending on how the starter does and how my first inning goes.

I started getting a few questions from some readers so i figured I would answer them this week.

The first question from William, asking which pitchers that I have seen pitch, in my opinion, could be 20 game winners in the next year.

To that question I would say from the teams I have played I havent seen any that could be in the next year but in terms of down the line there are a couple.

Garrett Mock our 3rd rounder last year has the body, and the pitches, I think to one day down the line be a 20 game winner. Thomas Diamond, Rangers 1st rounder last year, could easily be a 20 game winner, he was dominating against us last year in Spokane. I could also possibly see AJ Shappi, our 9th rounder getting some big time wins down the line, and as a closer I can see the Rockies' pitcher Juan Morillo and Jim Miller as big time stoppers.

Tom asked me a few questions so i will try and keep them brief.

First he asked who has had the greatest impact on my career so far and in what ways. I would say thats a tough question because there have been a couple guys. My pitching coach Ed Vosberg helped me a lot last year, as did Dennis Lewellyn our pitching coordinator. They helped me work with my off speed pitches and coming from different angles.

Second question was what are your most memorable experiences. So far I cant really say I have any in pro ball other than getting drafted. I didnt even know i got my first win until the next day, so it wasn't that. I think maybe pitching a couple games without allowing runs would be something but nothing really big so far.

Finally he asked if I preferred aluminum or wood. I have always liked wood more. I think it sounds so much better and you can't get as lucky with wood. But when you do get it right, there isn't a better feeling then smacking one deep.

Thanks for your time, Im sorry this one got long but I hope everyone enjoys it. Keep asking me questions, I will answer them all.


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