Jeremy Lin LinSanity Hits The Sports Card Marketplace

While our primary focus is Minor League Baseball, we have a fairly large portion of our readership that are sports card collectors. Having been one myself I haven’t seen anything like this past week of insanity, or should I say LinSanity, since Shelly Duncan hit three home runs in his first three games as a New York Yankees fill in. Check out the before and after prices on a few of Jeremy Lin’s rookie cards and you will be in utter disbelief. It’s amazing what five wins and playing in New York can do for a player and the lucky collectors who own his cards.

Jeremy Lin 2010-11 Panini Rookie & Stars Longevity Ruby /250 BEFOREAFTER

Jeremy Lin 2010-11 Panini Rookie & Stars Longevity Autograph /599 BEFOREAFTER

Jeremy Lin 2010-11 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph BEFOREAFTER

And here is the most insane of them all, and you’ve got to feel so bad for the poor guy who sold the Before on February 2nd:

Jeremy Lin 2010-11 National Treasures Patch Autograph /99 BEFOREAFTER

You can check out the active Jeremy Lin items by clicking here. Who knows what levels these may continue to break through if he continues to play well. While he is nearly halfway there, Lin does have a long way to go to reach Michael Jordan Rookie Card levels.

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