VIDEO: Doug Flynn Autographs His 1986 Topps Card For The First Time In 25 Years

Former big leaguer Doug Flynn played for five teams in his big league career. His final season came in 1985 in which he played 9 games with the Montreal Expos and 32 games with the Detroit Tigers. His time with the Tigers produced this 1986 Topps Baseball Card In His Detroit Tigers Uniform. For nearly 25 years, Flynn refused to autograph the card. In the video below, Flynn talks about why he decided not to sign the card, how Johnny Bench talked him into signing five of them during a charity event, and whether or not he will ever sign the card again. It’s a pretty cool interview and story. Since the video was made, Flynn has agreed to sign the card for a $400 donation to the Childrens Charity Fund of the Blue Grass.

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