Opening Day In Venezuela Through The Eyes Of Washington Nationals Prospect Ryan Tatusko

Washington Nationals pitching prospect Ryan Tatusko is one of many U.S. players playing winter ball in Venezuela. He is currently pitching for the Bravos de Margarita one of eight teams in the league. Tatusko is blogging about his experience in Venezuela on his blog The Backfield Diaries and has just written his first entry about his winter league experience. From touching down in Caracas to stepping on the field for the first time in Margarita, to the to becoming a mini celebrity just for being a ballplayer, Tatusko shares a first hand look at the passion that exists everywhere in the Caribbean when it comes to baseball. In addition to his blog entry, Tatusko shares this video which he took from the dugout using his flip cam on opening day in Caracas. A full blown dance party breaks out before the game complete with on field pyrotechnics at the end. It’s pretty awesome and a must watch video. You can follow Tatusko on twitter @RyanTatusko

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