1980’s Detroit Tigers Pitcher Howie Bailey Once Shot Off Fireworks In An Apartment With Mark The Bird Fidrych

Former Detroit Tigers pitcher Howard Bailey had an eventful three seasons in the majors and has had quite the post baseball life. Bailey pitched for the Tigers from 1981 to 1983 going 6-9 with 5.23ERA in his 118.2 inning big league career. After baseball, Bailey excelled in another sport, skeet shooting. He was inducted into the Michigan Skeet Association Hall of Fame earlier this year. He also runs Buy Right Tape a packing supply company and owns a 10 acre blueberry farm. In the story link below, Bailey shares memories of setting off fireworks inside an apartment with Mark The Bird Fidrych, his life growing up in baseball, his Hall of Fame skeet shooting career, and life as a blueberry farmer. It’s a very good read.

How former Detroit Tigers pitcher Howie Bailey made switch from baseball to blueberries — MLive.com

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