Eric Chavez Befriends 10 Year Old Red Sox Fan Who Was Hit In The Face By His Line Drive

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox rivalry has gone on for years, but Sox fan Andrew LaBel has a new friend in the form of Yankees third baseman Eric Chavez. On opening day at Fenway Park, LaBel was drilled in the face by a screaming line drive off the bat of Chavez. The impact was so severe that he was immediately hospitalized and nearly lost sight in his left eye. When Chavez found out what happened he got in touch with LaBel and an their friendship blossomed. The two pals now exchange text messages on a fairly regular basis and get together when the Yankees play in Boston. The story link below tells just to what extent of being a great person Eric Chavez is. Class act all the way.

From a scary moment, a Red Sox family learns of the good in a Yankee —

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