In Depth Look At Age & Identity Fraud Among Dominican Baseball Prospects

When Florida Marlins reliever Leo Nunez had his true identity of Juan Carlos Oviedo, the age and identity fraud issues surrounding many Dominican baseball prospects was thrown back into the spotlight. In this outstanding read, Miami Herald columnist Frances Robles travels to the Dominican Republic and talks to people on all sides of the issue. Former Los Angeles Angels signee Edgar Arias talks about how he became Cesar Miguel de los Santos. Juan Carlos Paniagua talks about how his $1.6 million contract with the New York Yankees was voided when he was caught on the wrong side of Major League Baseball’s screening process. Finally, Luis Coronado, who Oviedo says helped him become Leo Nunez, talks about how rampant identity change was prior to major league baseball’s crackdown. It’s an absolutely phenomenal read by Robles who you can follow on twitter @RoblesHerald.

Fraud still rampant among Dominican baseball prospects —

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