Mariners Trayvon Robinson Has Gone From Dodging Bullets In South Central To Hitting Home Runs In Seattle

Another absolute gem of a story from Geoff Baker, a must follow on twitter @gbakermariners. Mariners outfielder Trayvon Robinson grew up in South Central Los Angeles, had bullets from a drive by shooting rip through his home, had pressure to join gangs and sell drugs all throughout high school, but in the end was able to use sports as a way to escape the violence. In the story link below, Robinson talks about growing up in South Central, the challenges he faced, and looking forward to giving back to his community now that he has hit it big. Additionally Robinson’s Crenshaw High School coach Andre Green and others talk about the chaos that surrounded him as he worked his way through high school. It’s an awesome read.

Trayvon Robinson’s dangerous road from South Central L.A. to the Mariners — Seattle Times

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