Bill Buckner Takes More Crap In Three Hours Than You Do In Three Years

It’s been nearly 25 years since Bill Buckner let a ball roll through his legs in the World Series helping allow the New York Mets to steal a pennant away from the Boston Red Sox. Since then everywhere Buckner goes he gets to hear about it. He’s been able to make somewhat a living off his infamy appearing at autograph shows and making assorted appearances, that in all honesty probably would not have happened had he not made the error, so life is not all bad. In the story Washington Times columnist Jason Black talks about being on the road with Buckner at an Oklahoma City minor league stadium autograph stop and seeing all of the crap that was thrown his way by the fans during the appearance. It’s a very good read and shows just how patient of a man Buckner is.

Road tripping with Bill Buckner — Washington Times

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