Minnesota Twins Young Players Are Making Ron Gardenhire Grow Old Fast

The steps up the minor league ladder are used for player development, so one would think that when a young player reaches the majors for the first time, that they would be well versed on baseball fundamentals and have a fairly solid baseball IQ. Apparently that isn’t always the case in Minnesota and it has left manager Ron Gardenhire fuming about his young players’ lack of knowledge of the fundamentals. In an in depth interview Gardenhire gets fired up about the Twins youth’s general lack of preparation and understanding of the finer points of the game. One of my favorite Gardenhire lines from the story: Question: “They are being taught this in the minors right”? Answer: “Sure they are; they’re just not paying attention”. It gets better from there.

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire frustrated by young players’ fundamental mistakes
— TwinCities.com

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