Journeyman Catcher Corky Miller Plans To Keep Playing Baseball As Long As People Are Offering Him Jobs

I’m not sure if it is a record, but Corky Miller has spent parts of the last 11 consecutive seasons playing in the International League including this season as a member of the Louisville Bats. He has also spent parts of the last 10 years playing in the big leagues, compiling a total of 199 big league games with the Cincinnati Reds, Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves and Chicago White Sox. His career batting average in the big leagues is just .188 but his impact both in the majors as well as in Triple-A in helping develop pitchers, has kept Miller in baseball for all these years and led to lots of success for a number of current big league pitchers who Miller caught for in the minor leagues. In the story Miller talks about his journeyman career in which he has seen and done about everything there is to see or do, how he plans to continue to play baseball until teams stop calling, and stealing home his rookie season. Also some of the pitchers for whom he has caught offer their antidotes about Miller’s brutal honesty behind the plate. It’s a very good read.

Corky Miller a once-in-a-lifetime guy —

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