Los Angeles Angels Triple-A Pitcher Ryan Ketchner Trying To Be The First Deaf Pitcher In The Majors In 100 Years

In 1908, Luther Taylor completed an eight year career for the New York Giants. In the 103 years that have passed, there has never been another deaf pitcher in the major leagues. Los Angeles Angels farmhand Ryan Ketchner is on the cusp of being the first in the last century. This season at Triple-A Salt Lake, the 29 year old right hander has posted a 5-6 record with a 5.88ERA in 18 starts. He’s previously pitched in the Detroit Tigers organization and made it as high as Triple-A Toledo in 2009 and 2010. He has yet to make it to the majors. In the story Ketchner talks about his hearing impairment, meeting former deaf major leaguer Curtis Pride, the challenges of playing without being able to hear, and the advantages his lip reading abilities give him and his teammates. It’s a fascinating read.

Hearing-impared pitcher Ryan Ketchner has major-league role models, aspirations — Palm Beach Post

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