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Web Hosting Guide and Review

By Ben Lipson

One of the most important things you can do when owning a website is selecting a quality web hosting company to host your website. There are a number of web hosts out there and it is important to choose the one that fits your needs the best. Below I will describe a number of current webhosting companies and outline their value and quality to you the webmaster.

$5 Web Hosting! From Dot5 Hosting: Dot5 Hosting offers some of the cheapest website hosting you'll find on the internet. Dot5 features hosting plans for both the individual and the business. Their $5.00 personal web hosting package offers 750 MB's of storage and 50 GB's of bandwidth per month. The host promises 99.9 uptime and a 30 day money back guarantee. Additionally they offer a free marketing package, shopping cart setup, unlimited email, FTP support, and a host of Plug-In options. For those with a need for greater webspace, Dot5 Hosting also offers $10 a month Business Plans with 1500 MB's of storage & 75 GB's of bandwidth per month.

We Make Web Hosting Easy! That is the claim of EasyCGI. A one stop shop for Web Hosting, EasyCGI offers a number of different hosting options for its customers. Additionally, EasyCGI offers professional web design packages starting as well as hosting services. From a hosting standpoint EasyCGI's basic package starts at $7.96 per month and includes a number of features. The company just upgraded all of its web hosting packages. Featured in the basic plan is 3,000 MB's of storage, 50 GB's of bandwidth per month, 50 POP3 email accounts, and 10 FTP accounts. EasyCGI does not support Coldfusion with their basic package, however it is offered in their Intermediate and Advanced web hosting packages.

Hosted by StartLogic. That is a statement you are beginning to see more and more on websites these days. That is because Startlogic offers on of the cheapest and high quality web hosting options on the internet. Their basic ProLogic site hosting plan for $7.50 per month includes Free Setup, 2,000 MB's of Storage, 60 GB's of bandwidth per month, Unlimited Email, and a 30 day money back guarantee. Additionally, Startlogic offers a free web design tool featuring over 100 website templates for use by the novice webmaster. A marketing package and stat software is also included free of charge. Be sure to check out Startlogic frequently as they often host a number of weekend specials with the first three months of their webhosting package for $1.00 a month.

Webhosting for real Webmasters is what you'll find at Lunarpages. Lunarpages prides themselves on customer service. This pledge includes free 24 hour customer support. Their basic Shuttle Plan features free setup and $7.95 per month web hosting. Included in the package is 1,000 MB's of storage, 40 GB's of bandwidth, an easy to use control panel, a script library, and unlimited email. Lunarpages also offers a 99.9 percent uptime and 30 day money back guarantee. For those with greater webhosting needs, Lunarpages offers a Voyager Hosting package for $22.95 per month.

Want Fast, Reliable Web Hosting? If so then Apollo Hosting may be the hosting service for you. Apollo has been around since 1999 and offers a variety of plans. Their basic hosting package is called Shared Hosting and is priced at $6.96 per month. Shared Hosting offers 1000 MB's of storage and 50 GB's of bandwidth. They include 50 email accounts with a Spam Assassin program. A 450 Template Site Studio web site designer is also included in the basic package. Apollo has other web hosting packages available ranging in storage from 1,500 - 6,000 MB's of storage and between 70 - 200 KB's of file transfer.

Reliable, affordable web hosting from Yahoo! If you own a small business and are looking for a web presence, Yahoo Small Business web hosting may be for you. Backed by the trusted Yahoo name, Yahoo Small Business offers a number of options. The basic hosting program, Web Hosting Starter, costs $11.99 per month. The Starter offers 2000 MB's of storage and 25 GB's of bandwidth. 25 Email accounts and 25 password protected user accounts are included. A number of website marketing services are offered as part of the package as well as a free 350 template site builder. For the larger small businesses, Yahoo offers Standard and Professional hosting packages. 24 Hour Toll Free support is available with all packages.

Infinity Host is another affordable web hosting option. Their Infinity Starter package costs $6.95 per month with free setup. The program includes 400 MB's of storage and 15 GB's of bandwidth. They allow you to host three seperate websites on the same hosting account. 400 email accounts with SPAM and Virus Filtering and a 450 template Site Studio is included. Infinity offers toll free customer support and 24/7 chat support. Hosting packages for larger website needs are also available.

midPhase Hosting is one of the few web hosting companies to offer Unlimited Bandwidth with its basic package. For $7.95 per month, the Mega-Phase plan offeres 2250 MB's of storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email with Spam and Virus Filtering, and a number of developer tools. For $4.00 more, midphase will give you an extra 600 MB's of storage, and will allow you to host up to three domains on the single account. They also offer a number of add-on services available for an additional price. 24-7 Phone support is provided with all account options. is another hosting company that is geared towards the small business owner. Their Business Pro package costs $7.95 per month and includes 1000 MB's of storage and 40 GB's of bandwidth per month, and 500 Email accounts. Dynamic Content and Marketing Packages are included with every signup. A free domain is included with the yearly package as well as a choice of two bonus packages.

#1 Web Hosting Pick!!- Only $7.77/month! is what you'll get from PowWeb Hosting. PowWeb has a unique approach to bandwidth, offering 5 GB's of bandwidth per day in addition to 2000 MB's of storage space. They also offer a free domain name registration with all one and two year packages. Additionally they offer 650 Email accounts with virus scanning and spam filters, as well as a Easy Website Builder kit that features over 400 designs and 10,000 templates. PowWeb has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24-7 customer service, and a money back guarantee. Hosting Made Easy! I use Globat for hosting of my other site and have to speak from experiance in saying that Globat is a solid web hosting company. Globat offers some of the cheapest and highest quality web hosting available. Their basic Gigabyte package for $7.95 per month includes 2500 MB's of storage and 75 GB's of bandwidth. Additionally they offer 2500 email accounts, a free domain name, and a marketing package with every hosting plan. For sites with larger storage and bandwidth needs, Globat offers its Commerce Starter and Commerce Pro Packages which offer up to 5,000 MB's of storage and 150 GB's of bandwidth. The best thing about Globat for new members however, is their weekly promotions. During most weeks, Globat will run either a free or half price hosting promotion or will give away a quality item to new members who sign up for their service
Premium Web Hosting for as low as $2.50/mo.
Jumpline is a hosting company for those who manage a large number of websites. Their basic J2-VDS program costs $14.95 per month and allows the customer to host 6 domains on the single account. 1000 MB's of storage and 15 GB's of bandwidth are included in the plan. 150 email accounts are also available with the package. Jumpline offers a 30 day money back guarentee.

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