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VIDEO: Home Plate Umpire Destroys Fan On The Field During Baltimore Orioles Game

This will go down as a Fan on the Field Hall of Famer. A fan got loose on the field during the Baltimore Orioles game against the Oakland Athletics tonight. After running around the field, the guy decides to slide into home. After that the home plate umpire Jeff Kellogg destroys the guy with a takedown. Enjoy!!

A second look:

Video of Bryce Harper’s First Triple-A Home Run

After more than two weeks at Triple-A Syracuse, Bryce Harper finally connected for his first Home Run at the Triple-A Level. The Washington Nationals prospect blasted it to deep right field off of New York Mets pitching prospect Jeurys Familia. Check out the blast below via Saratoga County Sports and also be sure to check out how much Bryce Harper baseball cards are going for these days. You need a few bills to have a chance at one.

VIDEO: Nearly Naked Man Runs A Muck On Field At Rogers Center During Red Sox vs Blue Jays Game

It’s just six games into the Major League Baseball season, and we have our second fan on the field video. A couple of days ago we showed you a guy dressed as Batman running loose at Camden Yards. Today we stay in the AL East where this fan decided it would be wise to drop trow and run around nearly naked at Rogers Field in Toronto during Tuesday night’s Red Sox vs Blue Jays game. He evades security for a good minute before getting taken down hard. Enjoy.

VIDEO: Mycal Jones & Keenan Wiley Have Scary Head To Head Outfield Collision During Mississippi Braves Game

This clip is about as scary as it gets. Mississippi Braves centerfielder Mycal Jones and right fielder Keenan Wiley each dive for a Marc Krauss line drive and crack heads at full extension. Krauss got a 3 run inside the park home run on the play. Jones, who is one of the most active minor league baseball players on twitter @MykeJones2 tweeted that he should be back in the lineup on April 11th after passing all his tests. Wiley is also ok. Pretty amazing that both guys came out of this just a little cut up but otherwise ok.

If your not squeemish, take a look at the picture of the cut above his eye and the stitched up cut that Mycal Jones posted to his twitter account following the collision.

VIDEO: Reliving One Of The Greatest Minor League Baseball Promotions Of All Time: Jose Herrera vs race horse Zippy Chippy

One of the greatest promotions in Minor League Baseball history took place on August 18th 2000 when the Triple-A Rochester Red Wings put speedy outfielder Jose Herrera in a race against famously winless race horse Zippy Chippy. A decade later Herrera revisits the famous night with Harrisburg PA’s CBS 21 News Sports Director Jason Bristol who is a must follow on twitter @JasonBristol. If you’ve never heard the story or seen the race, check out the video below. It’s awesome.

VIDEO: Harrisburg Senators Field Goes From Underwater To Opening Day Prestine

Natural disasters can take their toll on anyone and anything. Last September the Harrisburg Senators saw their entire stadium under feet of water after severe flooding in Central Pennsylvania. Through the hard work of Tim Foreman and his stadium operations staff, the 2012 Senators arrived to find a pristine Metro Bank Park for opening day. Check out the transformation via the video story below.

VIDEO: 84 Year Old Man Still Able To Hit The Baseball Pretty Well

Saw this while skimming on YouTube. According to the title of the video, this gentleman is 84 years old and as you can see still has a passion for the game and can actually hit the ball pretty darn well (i.e. better than me). He’s definitely got to be among the top 1% of 80+ year old hitters out there one would think.