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VIDEO: National Anthem Microphone Malfunction With A Wally Backman Cameo

Here’s another one of the deleted scenes from the Playing For Peanuts series which follows the 2007 season with Wally Backman and the South Georgia Peanuts. In this clip the Peanuts are on the road for a game against the Macon Music at Luther Williams Field. The young lady’s attempts at singing the National Anthem are complicated by a faulty microphone. But as Backman tells everyone at the midway point, “She’s actually pretty good”.

VIDEO: Wally Backman Kicks Dirt On Umpire After Getting Ejected From Binghamton Mets Game

Former New York Mets World Series champion Wally Backman has become a YouTube legend for his ejections while managing the South Georgia Peanuts. Now a days Backman is the manager of the Double-A Binghamton Mets where it appears he still has a hearty temper. This video is from the July 10th B-Mets vs New Britain Rock Cats game. Immediately prior, Binghamton designated hitter had been ejected for arguing a called third strike. Backman comes out to protect his player and gets run too, and after picking up the hat that threw, Backman kicks dirt at the umpire like a pro.

VIDEO: Skydiver Who Is Supposed To Fly Game Ball To The Mound Instead Crashes Into Outfield Wall

This clip is a couple of years old but one that I had not seen before today and judging by the view count, you haven’t either. It comes as a web extra from the Playing For Peanuts documentary that follows Wally Backman as he manages the independent South Georgia Peanuts. They hire a skydiver to fly down and deliver the baseball to the pitcher, but instead of landing near the mound, the dude crashes into the outfield fence.