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Did Ty Cobb Really Wear A Uniform Patch That Looks Like This Back In The Early 1900’s

There is quite the discussion going on at FreedomCardboard.com about a controversial Ty Cobb 2011 Topps Marquee Gametime Mementos Quad Patch card that has surfaced on Ebay. The card is numbered 4/5 and features a red jersey and two pieces of a black and white patch. The issue with the card is that the patch looks nothing like something that would have come from 1905-1928, the years in which Cobb played for the Detroit Tigers and Philadelphia Athletics. To further cloud the mystery is this card same card which features four bat pieces instead of the patches, and is very real and what was expected to be pulled from the Marquee product. There are a number of theories being batted around as to the origin of the card and whether or not the card is a product of a quality control issue at Topps. We will update the continued saga of the card as it evolves.

UPDATED: The patch card has been pulled from Ebay and apparently Topps has admitted to a production error with the card. You can read about that and see the image of the card in question via This thread at FreedomCardBoard.com