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Howard Johnson Comes Out Of Retirement To Play For Rockland Boulders Indy League Team

New York Mets great Howard Johnson will come out of retirement at age 50 and play two games this weekend for the Rockland Boulders of the Can-Am League. Johnson will join his son Glen Johnson on the Boulders when they host the Newark Bears on Sunday and Monday. It will be Johnson’s first games in professional baseball since retiring from baseball as a member of the Chicago Cubs in 1995. He had been on the Mets staff from 2007-2010 before being let go as the team’s hitting coach prior to the 2011 season. For more about Johnson’s return to baseball check out the story link below.

Former New York Mets World Series Champion, and son, to join Rockland — RocklandBoulders.com

Newark Bears Indy League Team Looks To Reality TV To Keep The Franchise Afloat

A must read piece by Amy Brittain of the New Jersey Star Ledger provides an in-depth look at the storied Newark Bears independent league franchise that is trying to be taken off of life support by it’s new owners Doug Spiel and Danielle Dronet who hope to turn the franchise and their own family lives into a reality show. The article also looks into the behind the scenes turmoil the organization has faced in the last couple of years which looks like a reality show in and of itself. Like I said it is a must read piece.

Newark Bears: A tale of a sidetracked baseball franchise — NJ.com