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Art Howe Is Fired Up About How He’s Portrayed In Moneyball

Apparently Art Howe is not a fan of the way he was portrayed in the Moneyball movie. Howe was the manager of the Athletics during the moneyball era and worked under GM Billy Beane. In the story link below check out the pointed comments that Howe had to say about how he was portrayed in the movie.

Howe upset with ‘Moneyball’ portrayal

Brad Pitt Talks About The Long Road Moneyball Took To Finally Make It To The Big Screen

The movie adaptation of Michael Lewis’ acclaimed baseball front office book Moneyball hits the big screen on September 23rd. Ahead of the film, the movie’s star Brad Pitt, who plays Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane, visited the Toronto International Film Fest and spoke about the saga involved in taking the film from the a book to the screen. In the story link Beane talks about remaining on the project despite three different directors, growing up a fan of 1970’s sports movies, and his love of the Moneyball film.

Interview: Brad Pitt ‘cared very much’ about Moneyball — Vancouver Sun

Former Braves Farmhand Steve Bishop Talks About Playing His Idol David Justice In The Upcoming Moneyball Movie

When Steve Bishop was battling his way through the low levels of the Atlanta Braves farm system in the early 1990’s with the Braves’ Pioneer League affiliate the Idaho Falls Braves he dreamed of one day being in the big leagues like his idol David Justice. While he never made it to the majors, or Double-A for that matter, Bishop has made it to the big leagues as an actor, and appears in the upcoming Moneyball movie staring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. Ironically Bishop will play his idol Justice in the film. In the interview Bishop talks about his relationship with Justice, the major leaguers who were regulars on the set, working with Pitt and Hill, and how being a former pro baseball player helped him to embrace the acting role.

Former minor leaguer tries to do Justice in ‘Moneyball’ — USAToday.com