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Phillies Michael Martinez Went From Pro Basketball To Police Work To The Big Leagues

There have been a number of strange journeys to the big leagues recently, like John Axford’s journey from cell phone salesman to big league closer, or Mariners rookie Steve Delabar’s six month journey from school teacher to big league pitcher. The Phillies have their own unlikely major leaguer in the form of utility player Michael Martinez. He went from a short lived professional basketball career, to being a police officer in his Dominican Republic hometown before being discovered with little more than the local police league keeping him active. Now he is on the Phillies team that just got through winning 102 games in the 2011 regular season. In the outstanding story below, from Geoff Morrow who you can follow on twitter @patriotnews_gmo, the amazing story of Martinez’ path to the majors is told by those who were a part of making it happen and the player himself.

Former Harrisburg Senators utility man Michael Martinez living his dream this season with the Philadelphia Phillies — PennLive.com