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VIDEO: John Kruk Endorses A Bat Called The Baden Axe While Sitting In A Chair

I am pretty much a huge John Kruk fan and when I saw this I figured it had to be post worthy. There is a company called Baden Sports that produces a pretty sweet looking bat called the Baden Axe. I have seen a lot of bat endorsement videos from various big leaguers over the years but I don’t recall any of them occurring while the ball player is seated through the entire endorsement as Kruk pulls off here. Enjoy.

John Kruk Talks About His Frustrations As A Double-A Coach

He’s a legend in Philadelphia and is a household name on Baseball Tonight and not so long ago John Kruk was the manager of the Double-A Reading Phillies. He sat down with our friend Jessica Quiroli, who is a must follow on twitter @HeelsOnTheField, and talked about his time going through the minors as a player, the frustrations of being a minor league coach, and the baseball landscape has changed since he made his debut with the San Diego Padres in 1986. It’s a great read.

John Kruk Reflects On His Bus Leagues Days, Weighs In On Minors Today — BaseballDigest.com

Matt Stairs Retirement Includes Driving His Ford Raptor & Playing Ice Hockey In Maine

In the 1980’s there was Rob Deer, in the 1990’s, there was John Kruk, and in the 2000’s baseball’s “everyman” was Matt Stairs. The Canadian slugger retired this week after being released by the Washington Nationals. Days later he was back in his hometown of Bangor, Maine playing hockey with his local pals. The Bangor Daily News has posted a great piece on Stairs who talks about his love for hockey, coaching baseball in Mexico, his love for his hometown, and his aspirations to be a manager.

‘Retired’ Stairs ponders coaching, TV options