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VIDEO: Fans React With Bedlam To Evan Longoria’s Walk Off From About 10 Rows From Rays Dugout

This is the first fan video to surface from inside Tropicana Field when Evan Longoria hit his Walk Off Home Run against the Yankees that won the Wild Card for the Tampa Bay Rays. It would appear they are about 10 rows from the field behind the Rays dugout. It’s pretty awesome footage. Can’t imagine being there to see that game in person.

VIDEO: Host Families Provide Life Blood For Players In The Low Minors

Great story by Bill Geist of CBS Sunday Morning, who you can follow on twitter @billgeistone, on the host families of the Hudson Valley Renegades, the Tampa Bay Rays Short-A New York Penn League affiliate. The story focuses on the role that host families have on young players, essentially becoming a second set of parents for players, many of whom are away from home for the first time in their lives. Jane and Al Stewart who are among the pair of host parents featured in the story, once served as hosts for Josh Hamilton, Evan Longoria and Ryan Dempster during their time in the low minors. It’s a great video and gives an inside look at minor league baseball life off the field.