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Guy That Got Bryce Harper To Sign His Mickey Mantle Baseball Makes Hall Of Fame Induction Day Music Video

You may remember Brian, the fellow who got Bryce Harper to sign his Mickey Mantle autographed baseball and threw a baseball into the woods after Pete Rose refused to sign it (see second and third videos below). Well he has also graced the YouTube world with this gem documenting his journey to Cooperstown for Hall of Fame induction weekend with a music video set to Jeremih’s hit single Down On Me. Brian jumps into the action with lip syncing and dance moves outside of the Hall Of Fame doors. You also get cameos by a number of major league baseball Hall Of Famers. Two minutes of outstanding entertainment.

Former Yankees Outfielder Bernie Williams Plays Take Me Out To The Ballgame On His Guitar At The Hall Of Fame

Former New York Yankees outfielder Bernie Williams is an avid musician. He has released two CD’s, The Journey Within in 2003, and Moving Forward in 2009. In addition Williams authored the recently released book Rhythms Of The Game: The Link Between Musical & Athletic Performance. While time will tell if Williams’ baseball talents land him in Cooperstown, it was his musical talents that drew a packed house a the Major League Baseball Hall Of Fame on Friday for a concert and book signing. In the video Williams strums out Take Me Out To The Ballgame on his guitar.