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VIDEO: Japanese Baseball Includes Awesome Cheering And Beer Girls

National Geographic’s Andrew Evans who you can follow on twitter @WheresAndrew documents his journey to Japan and his visit to the Saitawa Seibug Lions vs Tohoko Rakuten Golden Eagles baseball game. It’s pretty cool. Evans does a great job of highlighting the similarities of the Japanese baseball fan experience to that of the American version and shows how baseball helps as a moral boost following the devastating earthquake earlier this year. There are some great clips of the awesome cheers that go on during each game as well as a look at the beer girls who go around the stadium with a keg of beer on their back.

Korean League Team Outdraws Some Major League Teams With Music, Thundersticks, and Cheerleaders

The Korean Baseball Organization is outdrawing some major league teams it would appear. Check out the two videos below from a game earlier this month between the Doosan Bears and the LG Twins. A pretty packed house full of thunderstick pounding fans react to a play on the field and sing-a-long to some music in the first video, and a group of dugout cheerleaders get the crowd fired up in the second video. It’s amazing how into it the baseball fans are and it looks like it would be a ton of fun to see a game in Korea.