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Kellen Raab

Pitcher -- Arizona Diamondbacks

Kellen Raab is a 23 year old pitcher in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. In 2004, Kellen's first season of professional baseball, he posted a 3-3 record with a 4.38 ERA while striking out 56 batters in 62 innings for the Yakima Bears of the Northwest League.

Journal Entry 3-31-2005

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Sorry it has been a long time since I have written anything but things have been pretty hectic around here.

On top of being sick, I have been trying to figure out what the heck my role is going to be this year.

Last time I talked with you guys, I was a reliever in the Lancaster group. I was sent to South Bend to be a starter, and now I'm a reliever in South Bend, because they want to try some Dominican pitcher as a starter.

So, things have kind of been whirling around me. It has been that way all around the organization. Guys are being sent to places they were at two years ago, and guys that are getting released really surprise you.

One pitcher, Casey Daigle, who broke camp last year with the big league team and made several starts over the course the of the season, is now a reliever this year in Double-A Tennessee.

The coaches are unsure of how team were picked because the player coordinators and player development guys picked the teams. In the past the coaches had some input but not this year.

As for my outings thus far in spring, I have had 3 good outings, and one forgettable one.

In four appearances, I have 10 innings, 3 runs, 11 hits, 13 K's, 4 BB, & 1 HBP.Out of that, I had my one bad outing of 2 1/3 innings, 6 hits, 3 runs, 2 BB.

I think I have done really well, even with the one outing because 5 of those hits were texas league singles.

I'm happy for the most part with the decision to go to South Bend because I like the coaches, players, and the fact that I will be close to home and friends.

I am looking forward to playing again, maybe not in the weather, but I'm used to it being from the Midwest. Our first game is April 7 against the Dayton Dragons in South Bend.

I will update again once I get to South Bend, let you know how our scrimmage game, fanfest, and first game goes. Thanks for reading, i promise to update faster next time.


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