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Chavo Guerrero Collectibles

	Chavo Guerrero Bandanna

Chavo Guerrero Bandanna

Get your Chavo Guerrero Bandanna TODAY! 22? x 22?. 100% cotton.

	Chavo Guerrero T-Shirt

Chavo Guerrero T-Shirt

Controversial to a fault, nevertheless, he?s ECW new Champion. Lying, cheating and stealing his way to the top, Chavo Guerrero has started some of WWE?s most heated rivalries. Whether it?s with CM Punk, Vicky Guerrero, or the most talked about: Rey Mysterio. Chavo has undeniably taken ECW by storm. And does he care? Probably not. Love him or hate him, he is former three-time champion for a reason. Now own the new Chavo Guerrero shirt.

T-shirts available in 3XL cost more. The price will reflect when you add that size to your shopping cart.

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