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Top Prospect Alert - Carl Crawford

By Robert Sherry

Carl Crawford: Coming out of Jefferson Davis High School in Houston (TX), Carwford was one of the top pure athlete's in the country. He was a star quarterback who could have went to Nebraska, or he could have taken his basketball skills to a University like UCLA. Instead, Carwford decided to sign with Tampa Bay after the Devil Rays made him the first pick of second round selection in the 1999 draft. His signing included a $1.245 million bonus and restricted him from playing football. After spending just a season
and a half in the minor's, it's looking like a very wise investment for both parties.

Usually when you get a high school player who has as much pure talent as Carwford, they usually have struggles early on in the baseball career since they often played multi-sports in school and do not focus entirely on one sport. He's been an exception though so far as he has not shown any adjustment problems. He debuted at Rookie-level Princeton in 1999 and hit .319 with 14 doubles, 4 triples, 25 runs batted in, 62 runs scored, and 13 walks, 47 strikeouts, and 17 steals in 260 at-bats. It was even better in 2000 as Crawford hit .301 with 6 home runs, 57 runs batted in, 21 doubles, 11 triples, 99 runs scored, 32 walks, 102 strikeouts, and 55 steals in 564 at-bats at Charleston. All he needs to do is continue to adapt to being a full-time baseball player and improve the strikeout:walk ratio which pretty impressive when you consider that he will only be 20 during the 2001 season.

At 6-foot-2 and about 195 pounds, this left-hander should develop more power as he learns the strike zone better. When you add every together that he has already shown plus the natural blazing speed that he possess, it's no wonder way you have the Devil Rays craving the possibly of having one of the best duo's of outfield prospects in Josh Hamilton and Crawford.


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