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Top Prospect Alert - Alejandro Cadena

By Brian Brunk

DOB: 3/14/80, Age: 21, Height: 5í11íí, Weight: 205, Bats: R, Throws: R. Acquired: Mariners - Drafted in the 45th Round of 2000 Draft (Galveston College, Laredo, TX). 2000 Stats: (Rookie - AZ Mariners) .301 AVG, 123 AB, 9 2B, 0 3B, 5 HR, 0 SB, 15 BB, 12 K, .395 OBP, .496 SLG. 2001 Stats: (Rookie - AZ Mariners) .327 AVG, 217 AB, 21 2B, 1 3B, 7 HR, 4 SB, 14 BB, 23 K, .385 OBP, .530 SLG. (Sseason-A - Everett) .100 AVG, 10 AB, 1 2B, 4 K, .100 OBP, .200 SLG.
And now, we return to our seemingly weekly segment of: "The 2000 Peoria Mariners: Where Are They Now?" Alejandro Cadena was drafted as a catcher late in the 2000 amateur draft. After a fairly hideous display behind the plate, the Mís moved him to first base, where he might be able to play passable defense. More likely, he is a future DH in the making. He has a catchersí build, short and squat, so he has very little speed, and projects to be only a moderate power prospect. He had an excellent season in 2000 for Peoria, exhibiting some pop, some patience, and a quick bat. This season was more of the same at the same level, a bit surprising for a 21 year old. An OPS of .915 is impressive, but many a player can generate numbers like this in Rookie ball, especially if they already weigh over 200 pounds (which most 18 and 19 year olds donít). A full season league would be a much more appropriate test at this point.
The Mariners donít have any terrific first-base prospects in the minors, so Cadena may have a shot with the position switch. I would expect to see him start in the Midwest League next year, but the Mís may choose to keep him in Everett to open the year. You canít project a career track for a 21 year old with 340 Arizona Summer League at-bats (well actually, you can, it just doesnít look very good), so I wonít bother to guess. He could turn into another Edgar Martinez with his moderate power, quick bat, and patience, which is what Iím sure Mís fans are hoping for. Being cynical, I would say that for every ten guys with numbers and skills like this at this point in their career, one might make it. Take that for what itís worth


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