2014 Arizona Diamondbacks Top 20 Prospect Rankings

By: J.P. Schwartz
Twitter: @Jaypers413

Every year around this time I like to rank each team’s top overall prospects. My criteria are based on A: Past Performance and B: Future Potential (50% of each per prospect)

Disclaimer: I am not a professional scout, nor did I attend any minor league games this year. These lists are the product of my own research of online scouting reports and statistics, and are compiled purely for entertainment purposes.

Send your questions or feedback to me on twitter @Jaypers413

To qualify for these lists, a prospect must have no more than 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues.


1. Archie Bradley RHP

2. Braden Shipley RHP

3. Chris Owings SS

4. Brandon Drury 3B

5. Aaron Blair RHP

6. Stryker Trahan C

7. Andrew Barbosa LHP

8. Andrew Chafin LHP

9. Sergio Alcantara SS

10. Justin Williams OF

11. Matt Stites RHP

12. Matt McPhearson OF

13. Jake Barrett RHP

14. Brad Keller RHP

15. Jake Lamb 3B

16. Brandon Sinnery RHP

17. Jamie Westbrook SS

18. Brandon Jacobs OF

19. Jimmie Sherfy RHP

20. Jose Martinez RHP

Complete Listing Of Arizona Diamondbacks Minor Leaguers On Twitter

Here is a list of Arizona Diamondbacks Minor League Prospects who you can follow on twitter. Please tweet us @MinorLeagueBlog if you know of someone we are missing.

Trevor Bauer — @BauerOutage
Tom Belza — @TomBelza
Mike Bolsinger — @MBolsinger
Archie Bradley — @ArchieBradley7
J R Bradley — @JR_Brad
Charles Brewer — @CharlesBrewerAZ
Keon Broxton — @KeonDDBroxton
Brian Budrow — @NonCajun24
Keith Cantwell — @KeithCantwell
Alex Capaul — @aCapaul15
Stephen Cardullo — @Dulander38
Blake Cooper — @BlakeCooper27
Pat Corbin — @PatrickCorbin11
Ryan Court — @SoundsAboutRyte
Jesse Darrah — @JesseDarrah19
Matt Davidson — @MattDavidson6
Adam Eaton — @AdamSpankyEaton
Derek Eitel — @Deitel10
Jake Elmore — @JElmo6
Jeremy Erben — @JeremyErben
Kaleb Fleck — @k_fleck
Conrad Flynn — @CradFlynn
Jonathan Griffin — @JonGriff33
Eric Groff — @ThatLocoKid12
Bradin Hagens — @Bradin_Hagens16
Randy Hamrick — @HamrickJr
Taylor Harbin — @THarb5
Matt Helm — @helmet2222
Bryan Henry (catcher) — @bhenryc
Bryan Henry (pitcher) — @bryanhenry22
Ray Hernandez — @RaysWays12
Justin Hilt — @Justin_Hilt
David Holmberg — @David_Holmberg
Chris Jarrett — @CArizJarrett
D J Johnson — @dj_johnson30
Victor Lara — @viclara34
John Leonard — @johnleonard9
Will Locante — @wmlocante
Ollie Linton — @OllieTheAbove
Ty Linton — @Mr_Beefington
Joe Loftis — @TheDonLofty
Reid Mahon — @GetMahoned22
Evan Marshall — @emarsh31
Anthony Meo — @asmeo13
Wade Miley — @WadeMiley36
Kevin Munson — @GOTMUNEY38
Chris Owings — @cowings5
Ryan Patterson — @RyanPatersonAZ
Blake Perry — @BlakePerry_34
Steven Rodriguez — @Stevierod3
Robby Rowland — @RobbyRow_12
Seth Simmons — @SizzleSimmons95
Tyler Skaggs — @TylerSkaggs23
Bobby Stone — @stonethemayor17
Cody Wheeler — @Wheelsonthebus5
Ryan Wheeler — @RyanWheeler45
Brad Wilson — @B_Willy5
Bryan Woodall — @BWoodall15

Interview With Arizona Diamondbacks Pitching Prospect Victor Lara

By: Andrew Martin

When a pitcher gets drafted, major league teams can care less about the size of the school they came from, if they can throw hard. While reliever Victor Lara attended tiny Division III Keystone College in Towanda, Pennsylvania, his ability to throw his fastball as hard as 98 mph got him quickly noticed by professional talent evaluators. As a result, he was taken in the 34th round of the 2010 MLB draft by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The right-handed Lara struggled in his first professional season in 2010 with Missoula in the Rookie level Pioneer League, posting an 8.02 ERA. But his average of more than a strikeout per inning displayed the promise that had made him a draft pick. He was much better in 2011 playing again with Missoula. Lara dropped his ERA to 4.80 in 22 games, while picking up a save and striking out 40 hitters in 30 innings. He will be looked upon again to improve even further in 2012, and is a good bet to start his season in A-ball.

I recently had an opportunity to find out more about this intriguing pitching prospect.

Who was your favorite team and player growing up, and why?
I have always loved the Florida Marlins. I’m a Florida boy and I grew up going to the stadium and watching them play. Growing up I always liked Nolan Ryan and Greg Maddux; Ryan because of his fastball and Maddux because of his pin-point control and his movement.

Can you run through what your draft experience was like?
Well, I always wanted to get drafted and play in the big leagues like any other kid that plays baseball, but it was rough. I jumped two colleges and it was hard for me. I ended up at Keystone and had my chance to compete there even though I had to battle a few obstacles. Waiting for my name to be called in the draft had to be one of the most nerve wracking situations I’ve been put in my life, but at the same time I was excited. When I saw my friends from my school that got drafted to the same team, it was an awesome feeling.

You played college baseball at Keystone College, a Division III school; did you anticipate having an opportunity to be drafted after you decided to attend there?
In a way I did because of my ability, but in the back of my mind I was like ‘what I’m I doing here in the middle of nowhere? No one will come see me here play.’ But little did I know scouts started to show up to our practices and our games, and I started to get letters and phone calls, and I said to myself ‘there’s a chance,’ and every time I stepped on the field I played 110% and gave it my all. My dad always told me that they will find me anywhere I would play, and that’s exactly how it happened.

What pitches do you throw, and which one is your strongest and which one needs the most work?
I throw a fastball, which is my best pitch, a slider, and a split change. The slider is the pitch I will have to work on the most and try to make it better.

How difficult is it to adapt to the life and routines of a professional baseball player?
It was tough on my body and on my mind. Playing every day is hard and you have to be prepared to do it, and to perform every day and every time your name is called.

What is the best baseball park/stadium you have ever played in?
I will have to say Billings, Montana, in rookie ball for the Cincinnati Reds.

You are in the 2011 Topps Pro Debut card set; what is it like having your own baseball card?
Yes, I have my own card. I think it’s awesome when you have something that your fans can have and show you and send you fan mail, and return the card signed. It’s an unbelievable feeling for any athlete.

Be sure to check out Victor Lara’s 2011 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Card and you can also follow him on Twitter @viclara34, to monitor his progress this upcoming season.

Words Of Late Uncle Inspire Arizona Diamondbacks Prospect Adam Eaton

One of the most under the radar prospects in the minors right now is Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Adam Eaton. The 19th round pick in the 2010 MLB draft out of Miami Ohio, has been a hitting machine in his first two seasons as a pro. Eaton has batted a combined .340 with 36 Doubles, 11 Triples, 17 Home Runs, 104 RBI’s and 54 Stolen Bases in his 189 game pro career that has reached topped out at Double-A Mobile this past season. In addition he’s been one of the stars of the 2011 Arizona Fall League season batting .333 for the Salt River Rafters through the first three weeks of the fall season. In the story link below, Eaton talks about the words of his late uncle that have inspired him to play much bigger than his 5’8″ height. Also in the story, Arizona Diamondbacks teammates, managers, and scouts talk about exciting outfielder’s fearless play and rapid ascent through the system. It’s a great read.

Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Adam Eaton proving size doesn’t matter — TucsonCitizen.com

2012 Arizona Diamondbacks Top 15 Prospect Rankings

By: J.P. Schwartz
@Jaypers413 on Twitter
JP’s FreedomCardboard Blog

2012 Arizona Diamondbacks Top 15 Prospect Rankings

Every year at this time I like to rank each team’s top prospects. My criteria is based upon both past performance and future potential to his parent team. This is my ranking of the 2012 Arizona Diamondbacks Top Prospects.

To qualify, a prospect must have fewer than 130 at-bats or 50 innings in MLB

#1 Trevor Bauer RHP
Born: 1/17/1991
Highest Level Reached: Double-A Mobile Baybears
2011 Combined Stats: 1-2, 5.96ERA, 25.2IP, 12BB, 43K, .257BAA

#2 Tyler Skaggs LHP
Born: 7/13/1991
Highest Level Reached: Double-A Mobile Baybears
2011 Combined Stats: 9-6, 2.96ERA, 158.1IP, 49BB, 198K, .218BAA

#3 Archie Bradley RHP
Born: 8/10/1992
Highest Level Reached: Rookie League Missoula Osprey
2011 Combined Stats: 0-0, 0.00ERA, 2IP, 0BB, 4K, .143BAA

#4 Matt Davidson 3B
Born: 3/26/1991
Highest Level Reached: Double-A Mobile Baybears
2011 Combined Stats: .277, 39(2B), 1(3B), 20HR, 106RBI

#5 David Holmberg LHP
Born: 7/19/1991
Highest Level Reached: High-A Visalia Rawhide
2011 Combined Stats: 12-9, 3.44ERA, 154.1IP, 48BB, 157K, .236BAA

#6 Pat Corbin LHP
Born: 7/19/1989
Highest Level Reached: Double-A Mobile Baybears
2011 Combined Stats: 9-8, 4.21ERA, 160.1IP, 40BB, 142K, .275BAA

#7 Chris Owings SS
Born: 8/12/1991
Highest Level Reached: High-A Visalia Rawhide
2011 Combined Stats: .246, 29(2B), 6(3B), 11HR, 50RBI, 10SB

#8 Bobby Borchering 3B
Born: 10/25/1990
Highest Level Reached: High-A Visalia Rawhide
2011 Combined Stats: .267, 29(2B), 3(3B), 24HR, 92RBI

#9 Andrew Chafin LHP
Born: 6/17/1990
Highest Level Reached: Rookie League Missoula Osprey
2011 Combined Stats: 0-0, 0.00ERA, 1IP, 0BB, 2K, .250BAA

#10 A.J. Pollock OF
Born: 12/5/1987
Highest Level Reached: Double-A Mobile Baybears
2011 Combined Stats: .307, 41(2B), 5(3B), 8HR, 73RBI, 36SB

#11 Wade Miley LHP
Born: 11/13/1986
Highest Level Reached: MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
2011 Combined Stats: MINORS: 8-3, 4.30ERA, 129.2IP, 44BB, 102K, .256BAA
MAJORS: 4-2, 4.50ERA, 40IP, 18BB, 25K, .304BAA

#12 Kyle Winkler RHP
Born: 6-18-1990
Highest Level Reached: 10th Round Pick In 2011 MLB Draft
2011 Combined Stats: Did Not Play In 2011

#13 Anthony Meo RHP
Born: 2/19/1990
Highest Level Reached: Rookie League Missoula Osprey
2011 Combined Stats: 0-0, 0.00ERA, 3IP, 0BB, 3K, .000BAA

#14 Adam Eaton OF
Born: 12/6/1988
Highest Level Reached: Double-A Mobile Bay Bears
2011 Combined Stats: .318, 22(2B), 7(3B), 10HR, 67RBI, 34SB

#15 Evan Marshall RHP
Born: 4/18/1990
Highest Level Reached: Double-A Mobile Bay Bears
2011 Combined Stats: 0-1, 1.16ERA, 6 Saves, 31IP, 7BB, 31K, .217BAA (4th Round Pick 2011 MLB Draft)

Disclaimer – I did not attend any minor league games this year, nor do I claim to have any scouting experience. These lists are the product of my own research of statistics and online scouting reports.

Someone Forgot To Tell Topps Baseball Cards That Tyler Skaggs Was Traded To Arizona Over A Year Ago

Current Arizona Diamondbacks pitching prospect Tyler Skaggs was traded from the Los Angeles Angels as the player to be named later in the July 2010 trade that sent Dan Haren to the Angels. Apparently no one told the Topps company who in their 2011 Bowman Chrome baseball product that hit retail stores today, features Skaggs in his Los Angeles Angels uniform and comes complete with the Angels logo on the front of the card. It seems nearly impossible given Skaggs status as one of the top pitching prospects in all of baseball that Topps could manage to mess up so badly. You can view the card via the link below.

Tyler Skaggs 2011 Bowman Chrome Baseball Card

Hat tip to our prospect ranker @Jaypers413 for heads up on this story.

VIDEO: Emotional Moment As Mother Of Reno Air Show Crash Victim Looks To The Heavens During Diamondbacks First Pitch

The Arizona Diamondbacks honored the memory of Reno Airshow plane crash victim and Diamondbacks fan Michael Wogan before their playoff game with the Milwaukee Brewers. Wogan’s mother Anne Wogan threw out the first pitch, and the Diamondbacks announced that they will be renaming their season ticket scholarship program in Wogan’s honor. In the video below you can see the emotional first pitch in which Anne Wogan looks to the heavens, kisses the ball, and then throws the pitch to Diamondbacks pitcher Brad Ziegler. The family also talks about their loss and their gratitude to the Diamondbacks organization for all they have done for the family since the tragedy.

VIDEO: Ryan Roberts Walk Off Grand Slam Produces One Of The Most Awesome Home Run Trots Ever

Check out Ryan Roberts walk off grand slam from last night. The Diamondbacks trailed the Dodgers 6-3 heading into the bottom of the 10th. The D-Backs rallied to load the bases and set up Roberts heroics. The grand slam won the game for the Diamondbacks and kept their home field advantage dreams alive. In addition to the home run heroics, Roberts provided an equally epic trot around the bases in which he re-enacted manager Kirk Gibson’s famous fist pumping of his 1988 World Series Home Run off of Dennis Eckersley, and also ripped off his jersey before jumping into a sea of teammates. The blast came three nights after Ryan Roberts Bobblehead Night in Arizona. The bobbleheads which came complete with Roberts tattooed arms are currently going bonkers on Ebay. Check out the Home Run trot below, a video from the stands during the blast, as well as the post game interview with Roberts.

Former Big League Pitcher Jerry Dipoto Now A Front Office Wizard

In his big league career, Jerry Dipoto accounted for 27 wins in eight seasons on the mound for Cleveland Indians, New York Mets, and Colorado Rockies in the mid to late 1990′s and managed to beat thyroid cancer along the way. The 43 year old, recently served as the Arizona Diamondbacks interim general manager before becoming the senior vice president of scouting and player development, following the club’s hiring of Kevin Towers as GM in September of last year. The work Dipoto has done with the Diamondbacks has not only helped them reach the playoffs this season, but has given them one of the deepest farm systems in baseball featuring the likes of Jarrod Parker, Tyler Skaggs, Trevor Bauer, Archie Bradley, Matt Davidson, Bobby Borchering, Ryan Wheeler, A.J. Pollock, and more all within striking distance of the major league level. That list doesn’t even include Paul Goldschmidt labeled by some as the minor league player of the year for 2011 who was a big part of the Diamondbacks playoff push. In the story link below, Dipoto talks about building the Diamondbacks into the organization it is today, and his colleagues talk about how the former pitcher is establishing himself as a future major league baseball general manager.

Arizona Diamondbacks’ Jerry Dipoto is the man with a plan — AZCentral.com

2011 Arizona Diamondbacks Top 15 Prospects Post Season Report Card

With the 2011 minor league season complete we check in on the progress of each of the Arizona Diamondbacks preseason Top 15 prospects as ranked by our prospect ranker J.P. Schwartz The post season grading report was done by the publisher of Top Prospect Alert, not Mr. Schwartz, and reflects only the 2011 season and not future upside or downside of the individual prospect. Our 2012 preseason rankings will be published in the coming months.

#1 Jarrod Parker GRADE B
Parker went 11-8 with a 3.79ERA in 130.2 innings for the Double-A Mobile Bay Bears. He had 55 walks and 112 strikeouts. Opposing hitters batted .236 off of Parker.

#2 Matt Davidson GRADE B
Davidson batted .277 with 39 Doubles, 1 Triple, 20 Home Runs, and 106 RBI’s for High-A Visalia. He had 147 strikeouts in 135 games.

#3 Tyler Skaggs GRADE A
Skaggs went a combined 9-6 with a 2.96ERA between the High-A Visalia Oaks and the Double-A Mobile Bay Bears. He struck out 198 batters while walking 49 in 158.1 innings. Opposing hitters batted .218 off of Skaggs.

#4 Bobby Borchering GRADE B
Borchering hit .267 with 29 Doubles, 3 Triples, 24 Home Runs and 92 RBI’s for High-A Visalia. While the power was great, so were the strikeouts, 162 in 531 at bats.

#5 Chris Owings GRADE C+
Owings batted .246 with 29 Doubles, 6 Triples, 11 Home Runs, 50 RBI and 10 Stolen Bases. He struck out 130 times in 121 games. Owings struggled after the all star break batting just .224 in the second half.

#6 Paul Goldschmidt GRADE A+
Goldschmidt batted .306 with 21 Doubles, 3 Triples, 30 Home Runs, and 94 RBI’s in 103 games at Double-A Mobile. He was promoted to the majors in August where through September 4th he was hitting .247 with 4 Doubles, 6 Home Runs, and 16 RBI’s in 29 Games with the Diamondbacks.

#7 Wagner Mateo GRADE C
Mateo batted .228 with 9 Doubles, 2 Triples, 6 Home Runs and 25 RBI’s for the AZL Diamondbacks. He struck out 88 times in 206 at-bats.

#8 Pat Corbin GRADE B-
Corbin went 9-8 with a 4.21ERA in 160.1 innings for Double-A Mobile. He walked 40 while striking out 142 batters. Opposing hitters batted .275 off of Corbin.

#9 A.J. Pollock GRADE B
Pollock batted .307 with 41 Doubles, 5 Triples, 8 Home Runs and 73 RBI’s for Double-A Mobile. He also stole 36 bases in 133 games for the BayBears.

#10 Ty Linton GRADE C+
Linton batted .254 with 6 Doubles, 4 Triples, 3 Home Runs, and 17 RBI’s in 36 games for the Rookie League Missoula Osprey.

#11 Marc Krauss GRADE C
Krauss batted .242 with 25 Doubles, 6 Triples, 16 Home Runs and 65 RBI’s for Double-A Mobile. He struck out 123 times in 125 games with the BayBears.

#12 David Holmberg GRADE B
Holmberg went a combined 12-9 with a 3.44ERA in 154.1 innings between Low-A South Bend and High-A Visalia. He walked 48 and struck out 157 batters. Opposing batters hit just .236 against Holmberg.

#13 Robbie Rowland GRADE D
Rowland went 2-6 with a 8.00ERA in 63 innings for Rookie League Missoula. He walked 16 and struck out 46. Opposing hitters batted a whopping .335 off of Rowland on the season including .377 with runners in scoring position.

#14 Blake Perry GRADE C
Perry went a combined 2-5 with a 4.86 ERA in 74 innings between the AZL Diamondbacks at the Short Season Yakima Bears. He walked 24 batters while striking out 57. Opposing hitters batted .251 against him this season.

Walters was traded to the Washington Nationals in July after hitting .302 with 27 Doubles, 6 Triples, 9 Home Runs, and 56 RBI’s in 97 Games for the Low-A South Bend Silver Hawks. Following the trade he hit .293 in 30 games as a member of the Potomac Nationals.